First Post Friday

Happy Friday and Welcome to Red, White & Sass.
{Roses are red…sometimes white, so is my wine, refill my glass & I’ll be just fine}

I’m so excited to be starting this blogging adventure. To be entirely honest, I’m also a little scared about it! Eeek! I read a number of different blogs on a daily basis, basically for inspiration, recipes and just something to start my day out with. There is nothing better to me than starting my day with a cup of coffee and reading through news, and random bits of life.

Here are a few things you should know if you’re going to continue reading my blog:

1. If you don’t like dogs, then you should just leave now. Kidding! (please stay)
Growing up I used to BEG {and I don’t use that word lightly} my mom for a dog. Christmas trees, birthday gift bags, Easter baskets, went without the four legged, furry friend every year. Until, I met Danny, I got by with loving on my friend’s dogs..always wanting one for my own. When I met Danny, he had two dogs, Daisy and Bako. The following spring, Penny entered our lives, thus making us CRAZY. 3 dogs in a house barely big enough for two people. AHH. But of course, it’s not about us, it’s about them. It’s their world, we just live in it…and they remind me of that every morning when I’m fighting more more leg room in bed. When we moved into our new house, Daisy went to live with Danny’s dad so we are down to two, not any less crazy but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love my children…um I mean dogs 😉

2. My love for coffee is REAL
Lorelai Gilmore said it best:
“I need caffeine. Whatever form you’ve got…I’ll drink it, shoot it, eat it, snort it, whatever form it’s in. GIMME”

{Click HERE to see the entire Buzzfeed article that describes me in a nutshell}

I love coffee anytime of day. But my favorite is that first sip in the morning, when I can feel it in my veins. My relationship with coffee started when I was working doubles during the summers home from college. I would stop at Dunkin and by the end of week one of my addiction, they knew my order and usually had it ready for me when I walked in the door. I usually got something super sweet but as my feelings evolved for the heavenly drink, I now just go pretty simple. Simple. Every. Day.
I don’t discriminate. Just give me the coffee…Please 🙂

3. My favorite place to be is in the kitchen making good food.
It’s my outlet. If I’m having a bad day, pouring a glass of wine and making a nice dinner makes me feel better. It has been said that food has a way into our hearts, and that’s how I make my way into the hearts of the ones I love. Danny could eat frozen pizza, BBQ pringles, and Twizzlers all day if he had things his way. Liking all of those things myself, I probably would too {and be 150 lbs heavier} but there is too much other good food in the world to let it go to waste ha.
I will be posting recipes that aren’t fussy. They’re easy to make and likely either came out of a Pioneer Woman cookbook, or from recipes I’ve acquired through my family and Danny’s. I’m always open to trying new recipes so shoot me an email if you think I’ll like it!

4. My family and friends are everything to me
Everyone says they feel blessed for such great family and friends, and I’m going to sit here and say the exact. same. thing.
I was raised by a single mother who lost her battle with alcohol addiction when I was 13 and her parents continued raising me and I’m so grateful for them. Losing my mom, and best friend was truly the hardest thing that has ever happened to me. I had to grow up fast, but she is always with me and I see that in little ways daily.
I have a handful of friends that put up with me and I’m not sure why the Lord blessed me with such hilariously gorgeous souls but I love Him for that. I’m thanking you all in advance for letting me brag about you to the world.
Thanks for allowing me into your life, even if this is the last post you ever read of mine. I’m so excited for what this little piece of my life turns into!

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