Don’t worry, I saw it on Pinterest

Twice a month, I participate in a fun link-up with Andrea for a fun show & tell. So fun! And today I’m even more excited because it’s all about PINTEREST. Ya’ll. I loooooove Pinterest. I would spend all of my time on the dang site if I didn’t have a mortgage to pay. Everything from food, fashion, dogs, funny stuff, ugh it’s just wonderful. Today we are talking about our favorite pins and while you’d be here for day’s reading through them all, I’ll give you my top ten CURRENT favorites!
 First off, to access my Pinterest click {HERE}
I really try and keep my boards organized but when I first started with Pinterest, I didn’t really do that great and I haven’t gone back to clean it up lately. Hmm maybe that will be a project later this week. 
Anywho, I have boards for the following topics:
Food (obviously)
Wedding Ideas (because…one day…)
Assorted Things (which includes quotes, and a few other useful tips)
Party ideas (cute appetizer + decor)
Home (look I have 3 home boards, I might have a problem)
Holidays (Christmas, Valentines etc)
Wishlist (hints for Danny if he’s smart enough to look on Pinterest for gift ideas)
Healthy Living (workouts, meal prep etc)
DIY crafts (sometimes I actually make these, most just sit there waiting lol)
So here we go, currently here are my favorites:
As I told you yesterday, we bought a couch over the weekend. We have been wanting to redo our living room space and I think this is the color scheme we are going to go with. I can’t wait to start! Stay tuned

 One day we will tackle the kitchen, and when we do. This cabinet pull out. Pleaseeeee, this is straight from a kitchen god.

I have my grandmother’s farmhouse style table that I grew up with. This spring, I’m going to spruce it up, to something similar to this. Maybe instead of the black chairs though, I’ll keep with the white/wood theme.

YA’LL. This will change your life. Stick a half a cup of vinegar in a measuring cup in the microwave for 2-3 minutes until boiling. Remove and wipe away all of that stuck on food. My life will never be the same. Again.

I loooove Pinterest for these. I bought a very similar top at AE yesterday… on sale might I add (I bought the white and burgundy ones). So today I paired it with these cute jeans from Express and my tall brown boots! I’ll throw a picture up later in the week. 
I think I may have approximately 500 wreath ideas pinned to my DIY board. Have I made all of them? No, probably only 2 of them lol! This one would be easy and cute for spring though. I need Michaels to have a sale!!

You will never find me in the gym at 4am doing cardio. I will bust through any rush hour crowd at the gym before I mess with that. Nope never.
 I can’t wait to see what your favorite pins are these days! Tell us yours and make sure you include yourself in the link-up over on Andrea’s page. Happy Pinning!

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