Five for Five

Happy Monday Margarita Day! I never understood having “holidays” like this in the middle of winter. Cue warm weather please!!
I had a pretty relaxing weekend. I did a thorough clean of the house, got in a great run thanks to some BEAUTIFUL weather, participated in a chili cookoff (came in 4th!) and celebrated a friend’s 40th birthday. Here we are starting off another week.
I’m taking this week to formally introduce myself on here so ya’ll can get to know a little more about me! I’ve seen a few posts lately by Christina + Owen that I feel like would be perfect ways for you all to get to know me. Head over to their blogs and learn a little about them too! One thing we all have in common is we love the blogging world! Today I’m going 5 for 5 (five things for five different topics). Idea courtesy of Owen!  
Five foods I eat every day…
1| Coffee, coffee and more coffee 
2| Cheerios + banana 
3| Chicken + veggie (typically for lunch) 
4| String Cheese 
5| Protein/granola bar

Five places I’m dying to visit… 

1| Bora Bora

2| Ireland 
3| Charleston, SC 
4| Italy (I’ve been to the very northern area, basically Germany, so I’d like to go back and see Rome, Tuscany, Florence etc…) 
5| Spain  
Five celebrities I want to be friends with…

1| Catherine Lowe 

2| Jimmy Fallon 
3| Carrie Underwood 
4| Ree Drummond 
5| Joanna Gaines

Five Instagram accounts I love…

1| @homegoods {although I’m still trying to figure out what stores actually carry anything on their Insta…as mine definitely does not ha}

2| @thepioneerwoman 
3| @megzighealthylife
4|  @mixandmatchmama
5| @todayshow

Five Four Beauty products I use every day… 

[links included] 
I’m a minimalist when it comes to my beauty products. If I’m dressing up & going out, I’ll throw on some sparkle eye shadow but that’s about it. 
3| Mascara- I don’t use anything fancy just some Maybelline
4| Marc Jacobs- Daisy

Don’t forget about “What’s up Wednesday” this week! I’ll be linking up with Mel, Shay and Schaffer.

Have a good day loves!

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