What’s Up Wednesday {2.24.2016}

I’m back for another round of What’s Up Wednesday with Mel, Shay & Sheaffer.  
Here goes nothing!
What we’re eating this week…
Monday| Mini Chicken Pot Pie’s that I posted about yesterday! Click {here} to see the recipe
Tuesday| I ordered Danny a pizza per request, and I ate meal prepped chicken & roasted asparagus
(Meal prepped chicken: Saute onions, peppers, chicken breast and a little Mrs. Dash seasoning until chicken is cooked through. I eat this for lunch too with half of a sweet potato)  
Wednesday| Eating out because of pool league
Thursday| I’m making a crockpot pot roast that I found on Pinterest! I’ll throw the recipe up Friday and let you know how it turned out.
Friday| To be entirely honest, I haven’t made it that far ha! I’m on the ball this week clearly. 
What I’m reminiscing about…
 Our Tennessee trip 2 years ago…because we are going back in April! I just booked all of the hotels yesterday. Danny is a member of the Tennessee Squires which is a “secret” Jack Daniels society. Anywhooo they have an event at the end of April that always falls on the same weekend as the Nashville half marathon so we are heading down for both! A little country music, gorgeous scenery and hopefully I’ll even catch Luke Bryan cheering me on during my run (a girl can dream right?)
  What I’m loving…
You! I really appreciate all of the support you guys have given me from beginning this journey in the blogging world. I love reading your blogs and hope you enjoy mine as well. Can’t wait to see what this brings!
What we’ve been up to…
 Just the day-to-day. Nothing wild and crazy going on.

What I’m dreading…
Spring cleaning…but aren’t we all? I need to go through our clothes, closets and get rid of stuff. TOO MUCH STUFF.
What I’m working on…
We are working on doing renovations to our living room and finally picked out a colors and the painter should be coming sometime next week. I love that things are finally coming together in the house. I hate when it looks like a bowl of M&Ms. The house coming together means I’m getting closer to a Home Goods shopping spree! Wahooooo.
What I’m excited about…
Our couch being delivered a week from today! It was supposed to be delivered on Monday but they called us last week and said they had to push it back. Ughhhh!
What I’m watching…
The usuallssssss…
Married at First Sight
Anyone else kind of pulled in to this one? David is wayyyy better off without Ashley. Girl doesn’t know what she wants!
Fit to Fat to Fit
This show blows my mind. Last night was the first time a woman trainer gained the weight and she couldn’t finish gaining the full 40% of her starting weight. I wouldn’t be able to either! Just watching them eat all of that food makes me nauseous. But props to them. These people really do seem to be more motivated when someone risked their lives for their own weight loss journey. 
Prison Break (although we haven’t watched any in a few days…cue sad face). I miss you Michael Scofield!
What I’m listening to…
 Ever since Kip Moore’s new album came out…well that’s what I’ve been listening to. It just boosts my mood.

What I’m wearing…
I can’t stop talking about these shirts I got from AE. They’re so soft & comfy.
 I need to go shopping soon to build my spring wardrobe a little bit. I’m thinking a trip to New York to visit my aunt and do some shopping is in order. Hey Aunt Peg, if you’re reading this…whadddyaaa think? 🙂
What I’m doing this weekend…
 I sing in Danny’s dad’s band so that’s what I’m up to on Saturday night. Other than that I don’t have much going on which I enjoy!
What I’m looking forward to next month…
All things St. Patrick’s Day! This Irish chick will be bringing all kinds of St. Patrick’s Day treats and DIY decor to bring a little Irish cheer to your home! Stay tuned!!
What else is new…
 Just the house reno! 
What is my favorite Easter tradition?
I don’t really have any. Since I started dating Danny we do breakfast with his dad. Last year, since all of his kids are grown and he doesn’t have grandkids yet, he set up an Easter egg hunt for the big kids. Not gonna lie, it was pretty fun! After that we go to church and do the afternoon at his mom’s parent’s. Tons of kids down there to watch get excited over the egg hunt. What are your traditions? I look forward to reading about them later today. 
  Come back tomorrow when I continue letting ya’ll get to know me a little with some fun facts about me.

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