10 Things

I can’t believe it’s Friday. Finally. But I say that every week right? 
Today I’m diving back into a couple things you may not know about me (well that I’m 99% sure you don’t know unless you’re close to me because..I’m still new at this!)
one. I’ve been subject to more death than someone should be at the age of 24. I lost my mom and step-mom a month apart from each other when I was 13, my grandfather when I was 20, and most recently a dear family friend who was a huge father figure in my life. To put it plainly, it sucks and leaves me feeling very lonely at times. I spend many days wondering why God chose to take some of the most important people from me. But I have to believe that it is all in his plan.

two. I’m a dog mom to three, I repeat three little loves. I never had dogs growing up and then I met Danny and made up for lost time. I’m already trying to convince Danny to let me have another (a german shorthaired pointer to be exact)
three. I’m blind as anything. Without my contacts, good luck. The glasses I wear when my contacts are out are an extremely old prescription and legally, I’m not even allowed to drive with them. Whoops.
four. The only thing I’ve ever wanted out of life since I could breath was to get married and be a momma to sweet babies. I have a condition called PCOS (Poly-cystic ovarian syndrome) that may cause getting pregnant to be more difficult but I’m hopeful that babies are in God’s plan for me because that’s what I want more than anything.
five. I really enjoy cleaning the house. There is nothing better to me when I feel like everything is clean and organized.
six. I love to make people happy. I will drop everything I’m doing if you need anything. Sometimes I forget to take care of myself because I’m always worrying about others.
seven. Our family vacation (with Danny’s mom’s side) to Myrtle Beach every year is the only thing I look forward to. It’s my week to completely decompress and also spend it with some of my favorite people. I get up and run every day, drink at 10am because I can, and lay on the beach with books all week and come home really tan. Like c’mon who wouldn’t love that. I would live in Myrtle Beach in a heartbeat.
eight. I guest sing in a band with Danny’s dad. I sing usually between 4-5 songs during their gigs and I love it! I started last year and it’s nice because I don’t have to fully commit to a whole show, just a few songs. I’ve been singing my whole life. People have told me to try out for The Voice but I would rather do it for fun and this allows me to do just that.
nine. As divided as my family is and how hard it was being a product of a broken relationship, I was raised by two people who loved each other more than words can describe. My grandparent’s love for each other could be a Nicholas Sparks novel. My grandmother tells me that she knew she met her husband when she was introduced to him. Plot twist- she was “dating” another man at the time and told him at a baseball game that she was breaking up with him for my grandfather. They were absolute best friends their whole life, raised 3 beautiful children, watched 6 grandchildren grow up and never lost sight of what it meant to maintain a life full of laughter and love.
ten. I have two tattoos- a butterfly on my ankle to match the one my mom had on hers and a dove on my lower left hip to symbolize remembrance for all the people I have lost. 
So, that’s a little more about yours truly!
 Now onto the weekend! It’s Leah’s (Danny’s sister’s) birthday next week so we are full of celebrating this weekend.
+Birthday dinner #1 tonight at a local seafood restaurant
+Birthday dinner #2 tomorrow at Danny’s mom’s house
+Singing with the band tomorrow night!
+Relaxing and enjoying the beautiful weather we are supposed to get on Sunday!
What are you all up to this weekend!? Whatever it is I hope its wonderful. 
See you back on Monday!

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