Confessionals Thursday

I confess…I’ve had major writers block this week. Mainly because I’ve just had alot on my mind. TOO MUCH TO DO. #okaythatmightbedramatic
+ This week we’ve been getting ready for the new couch and I confess it’s WAY bigger than I was anticipating #oops…but it definitely makes our living room more homely now. Less wasted space. 
Terrible picture, but…
one. Danny has claimed his spot
two. the coffee table is being replaced
three. the shelves are going bye bye 
(its a slow work in progress..ugh)
+ I’m really antsy about getting our living room reno moving since the couch arrived. Once I get an idea in my has to happen. So I’m heading down to see my friend Maggie this weekend for a Home Goods bender. 
+ I’ve finally settled on a color scheme for the living room/hallway upstairs:
 + I’m out of the Bachelor Bracket we have going in our house. Danny is still in it, hanging by a thread with Jojo.  My theory? He chooses Jojo and then decides he was actually more in love with Lauren and goes and chases her out of the black Escalade she’s crying in on the way to the airport and says JK.
Side Note: If you don’t read Sheaffer‘s recaps on Wednesday..head over there because you’ll be DYING. No really. She’s hilarious and so on point. 
+ I love brussel’s true. Specifically if they are prepared correctly..roasted until caramelized and crispy. The other night I made them and they didn’t even make it til I finished the rest of the dinner. So they were …the appetizer lol

Quick recipe: Cut brussel sprouts in half, coat with olive oil, sprinkle with Mrs. Dash lemon pepper and bake at 350 until lightly browned and tender. Mmmmm. 

+ The girls I eat lunch with at work everyday are the perfect dose of what I need to get through the rest of the day. I work in accounting so it isn’t exactly earth shattering excitement constantly, but the gossipy reality TV talks and laughter is great. You guys rock.

 + I’m starting to notice significant results in my fitness journey. I’m not losing any weight but that wasn’t my initial goal. My goal was to be healthier, toned up and just feel stronger and more confident. I can’t wait to get beach ready!! Bring on the Bahamas!



You may not see a change, but I do and I feel great!

What am I eating?
Breakfast: 1/2 cup cheerios, 1/2 banana, 1/2 cup 1% milk or almond milk (whatever I’m feeling that day)
Snack: Dannon Light & Fit Protein yogurt drink
Lunch: 4oz chicken (sauteed with onion, peppers & Mrs. Dash), 2oz sweet potato
Dinner: 4 oz protein (chicken, steak, fish) , veggies
Snack: Lately it’s been a Shakeo protein shake

+ Another confession regarding my health journey? This is the first time I’ve actually stuck with something. Usually I get bored, order a pizza and call it a day after a few weeks. Not this timeeeee.

 Well there they are. My confessions for the week. See the other confessions from Jenn and Jess who I was linking up with today!

Stay tuned, my blog is getting a face lift soon because I feel like it just doesn’t fit my personality and blog.

4 thoughts on “Confessionals Thursday

  1. Hi. I just found your blog through the link up and love it. You may be onto something with the Bachelor. That would be a great ending. I love brussel sprouts too. I usually saute them up in some olive oil with salt and pepper. Low and slow. When they are crispy and starting to brown, I turn off the stove and add in just a bit of balsamic vinegar (a splash or two) and it adds a little extra kick to it. So good!!!


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