S&T: Hometowns

It’s Show & Tell Tuesday and we are sharing our hometowns today! 
The two places I’ve lived have defined who I am greatly so I’m really excited to share it with you guys today. 
I am from the suburbs of Baltimore, Maryland and lived in the same house from birth until about 2.5 years ago when Danny and I moved in together. 
I consider Lutherville to be alot larger than the demographics list it as. A neighboring “town”, Timonium is technically considered part of Lutherville too. Our address was hyphenated by USPS to “Lutherville-Timonium”. Anywho, I grew up living in my grandparents house:
Pulling these images from Google gives me chills. I have the most bittersweet feelings with this house. It’s where I learned to walk, ride a bike, watched and learned from my grandmother cooking in the kitchen, dealt with grief, ate Ben & Jerry’s through my first heartbreak, watched countless hours of Gilmore Girls and Big Bang Theory and celebrated every Christmas taking the same cousin picture on the couch every year. When we sold the house in 2014 after my grandmother moved to an assisted living, it broke my heart as I was packing up. I cried my eyes out as I was taking one last walk through, and finally locked the front door for the last time. 
I went to Dulaney High School (where my mom also graduated from):
 Spent all of my lunch breaks in this courtyard:
I met my best friends still to this day at Dulaney, learned how to parallel park sucessfully in the parking lot, cheered on our losing football team (ha) and painted the rocks (a senior tradition was to paint large rocks behind the school in your class colors).
Post painting with Amanda
I couldn’t imagine another family living in the house I grew up in. MY house. But it meant a new phase in my life, one where I could create new memories, and a family of my own. Danny and I rented for a year before we decided to start looking for a place to call our own. Finally in July 2015, we settled on a house. 
[Bowley’s Quarters]
We decided on Bowley’s Quarters because it was a neutral location for where we both worked. It also happens to be where Danny’s grandparents live (which is 5 minutes down the street from us). 
Photo via Redfin
We live in a quiet neighborhood within walking distance of where our kids will likely go to elementary school, where currently we take the dogs to run because it has a huge field. 
Picture via Yelp.com
It’s really close to our favorite beach bar/restaurant which will be fun this summer. They often have bands and it’s fun to hang out with friends there. 
We are having so much fun making this home ours. So glad we decided on Bowley’s Quarters to plant our roots. 
Link up with Andrea and share your hometown with us. On March 22 we will be sharing the “Mix Tape” to our life. Come back and check mine out then!

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