Confessions + New Look

Confessions with Caitlin-2 
It’s Thursday, it’s my sweet grandmother’s birthday and it will be hitting around 80 degrees today in Maryland. Life is good. 
Today I confess…
I put iced coffee in my Turvis tumbler this morning at Wawa and when the cashier asked about what size coffee I thought it was, I said medium..when in actuality it was likely a large. Cheaper. #coffeeaddict #imnotsorry
It’s getting warmer out and I realize that I need to update my wardrobe accordingly. Buying clothes other than workout attire isn’t on my list of priorities. It was 80 degrees yesterday and I was in jeans and a plaid shirt. Wake up Jess, it’s spring.
I finished Fuller House last Friday and now I’m like okay, what am I supposed to do til Season 2 comes out….be social? Does anyone else have postpartum depression after you’ve finished a Netflix series?
I’ve been driving with a headlight out for over a month. At night I drive with my highbeams on to avoid getting pulled over. Danny is going to replace the bulbs this weekend…finally.
In regards to my car again, my registration is due and it irks me that it’s $135 to renew. The joys. 
Now that I got all of that off my chest…
As you have probably noticed, my blog got a facelift over the past few days. I needed some simplicity in my life and I didn’t feel like the layout before really appealed to my corner of the internet. Let me know what ya’ll think! 
Your turn! What do you have to confess today? 
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2 thoughts on “Confessions + New Look

  1. I love the new simpler layout on the blog!

    It's my grammy's birthday too – it's a day I always associate with spring no matter what the weather is actually like because we've grown up sending her tulips to celebrate!


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