Confessions with Caitlin-2 
Back on a Wednesday for some confessions. If you read last week there were confessions surrounding wawa coffee, and my wardrobe. All of which are still true a week later. Last week we had my grandmother’s birthday and now today is Danny’s sister Karah’s 21st! Cant wait to celebrate that tonight…and Friday. 
This was last year in Myrtle Beach with both of the ‘future’ sistaas. Karah is on the left. 
Happy Birthday love!!
Okay on to the confessions…anyone else feel like this is just a good excuse to make a to-do list and get that s*** done?
Me too.

So I did this Monday and well…it didn’t really go as planned. #bachelorhangover
 I blame the birthday girl..she made me do it. 
I haven’t been to the gym all week and I know my body is going to hate me when I back on the grind. I’ve been trying to find a yoga class that isn’t incredibly expensive and close to my house. I haven’t been successful and I HATE workout tapes. Not to mention my dogs think I’m playing with them whenever I try to do one. 
I’m really not thrilled about Ben’s decision on the Bachelor. I’m kinda eh about it. Lauren is fine and I knew he was going to pick her but she’s kinda dull. #sorry
St. Patrick’s Day is tomorrow and I will be drinking green beer tomorrow night. What are your plans?
The past couple weeks I’ve felt like my friends and I are on a completely different wave length. I don’t know if that has to do with us all having different priorities and schedules but it’s kinda been bumming me out. Do ya’ll ever get into ruts like that? I guess it’s part of adulting.
The weather in Maryland is so bi-polar and I seriously don’t know what to wear anymore.
My headlight is still out. Thanks Danny.
I’m going to do a week full of my favorite recipes next week. Stay tuned!
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