10 On Tuesday + Show and Tell: Mixtape

I’m getting wild today with two linkies today. Batten down the hatches! 
I’m a big fan of my usual S&T series but Karli recently started her new 10 on Tuesday one so instead of choosing just one, hey I’ll combine them for double the fun!
Today I’m sharing my life’s mix tape. And you guessed it…10 songs that define different stages of my life. Here we go…
Early Days
1| Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)– Yuuuup that’s right I’m starting things off with a bang because well I’m a 90’s baby 🙂 I can imagine my mom rolling in her grave being like of course you picked this as one of the first songs because you made me listen to it 1928381927 times in the car everywhere we went. You’re welcome Mom!
2|  Baby One More Time– Britney defined my elementary school days, making music videos in my bedroom for hours or jumping rope in the talent show (because that was cool, remember?). I think this song broke the billboard charts and TRL for weeks. Oh TRL…

3| Strawberry Wine– My mom had me listening to country music in the womb but I remember specifically listening to this in the car ALL THE TIME because when my mom liked a song, she played it over and over..gee guess that’s where I get it from.
The In-Between:
 Ya know the stage when you’re starting to like boys and you don’t know left from right when it comes to who you are

4| Too Little, Too Late (Jojo)– As poppy as pop gets. Middle school bus rides to school listening to songs like this on my iPod? Gosh I don’t even remember. Were they out yet? 
5| Graduation (Friends Forever)– Middle School graduation. I’m still friends with 2 people I went to middle school with (Hey Katy and Liz!) but the rest, no we were not friends forever lol but how many people does that actually happen to?
High School 
This will be Amanda and Kathleen’s favorite part of my mix-tape. Enjoy ladies
6| December, 1963 (Frankie Valli)– You’re probably thinking uhhh you just said you were a 90’s baby and yes I am. This song though brings back SOOO many memories because my best friend Amanda’s dad used to play it when driving us to the promenade on Friday nights. I think it was our pre-night song, always got us in a good mood.
7| Anything Yellowcard, All Time Low (did I mention they went to my high school? kinda cool), and Fall Out Boy. 
Here & Now 
8| Crash My Party (Luke Bryan)– Whether Danny wants to admit it or not, this will always be the one song that defines the beginning of our relationship. He sent it to me one day when we first met and after it blew up on the radio he refuses to even listen to it anymore hahaha oh well
9|  Little Bit Of You (Chase Bryant)– This song is on my running playlist because it’s fun, flirty and is upbeat. 
10| Highway on XM- Okay maybe this doesn’t count, but this is all I listen to when I’m in the car. They aren’t kidding, you’re really the first to hear all the new great country music. I hate the radio, I can’t stand the commercials. Just give me music. 
Music has defined me IMMENSELY. It got me through some really hard times in my life but also some really great ones too. 
Come back tomorrow, I’ll double up on the dinner rut series for ya. 
xo, Jess
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