Home Reveal: Living Room + Confessions

Hey there! Come on into my living room!
We bought our house last July and while it was move in ready, we wanted to turn around and make it more our own. With this girl being a Pinterest addict to put it lightly, I’ve said the following statements over and over since before I even signed the contract:
“Oooooh look at this!”
“Maybe if we knock out that wall…”
“Look at this $10,000 kitchen island…must. have. it”
Okay maybe some of them weren’t as realistic but that’s what sitting on Pinterest for hours will do to you. I’ve realized more than ever after moving into our own place, not ALL of my Pinterest dreams are going to come true. Especially when you’re decorating along with someone else. 
I can now say I’m officially OBSESSED with our living room. It’s quite possibly my favorite room in the house. And the couch…perfect for Netflix binges. 
Paint Color: Sherwin Williams Smoky Blue
Couch: Value City
Coffee Table: Local auction
Tray: Home Goods
 Side Table: Grandma hand-me-down 🙂
Curtains: World Market- found here
So as you can see, we need curtains for one more set of windows because dumb mindless me only bought one set. But I was just too excited to show ya’ll what we’ve done. 
 The couch definitely fills the room but that’s exactly what we wanted for purposes such as…Bachelor viewing nights! And football but most importantly…Bachelor. Duh.
Lamp: Yard Sale
 Danny picked up this table at an estate sale last summer and it didn’t really go that well before and after unintentionally painting the walls blue, it matched PERFECTLY. I swear to you it was unintentional, but worked out so well. 
Mail Center: Home Goods
Spring Sign: Target Dollar Section 
Not sure if you caught onto a trend on where we got a number of our pieces for the living room but we do alot of estate/yard/auction shopping. Well Danny does most of the auctions but I tag along for the estate and yard sales. We head out early Saturday morning, stop for coffee and hit them all. He buys/sells on eBay so he’s searching for a resell and I’m searching for cute things to make him buy me like $5 lamps. Good situation we have going on huh? 😉
What do you guys think? Any ideas for that huge blank wall I’ve got on the left?
Confessions with Caitlin-2
Typically on Thursday’s I link up with Caitlin + Jess for Confessions so I’ll leave you with just a few today:
| Our anniversary is tomorrow, and we decided on getting crabs for dinner. That makes this Maryland girl happy happy. 
| I’m frustrated with my fitness journey. I’ve been so strict with what I’m eating, hitting the gym about 5-6 times a week, and I don’t feel like I’m getting anywhere. 
| After getting Rita’s italian ice the first day of Spring, I’ve been craving it ever since. Might have to stop off this weekend for a birthday treat. 
| Dunkin sent me a free birthday coffee email five minutes after I got coffee this morning. *insert eye roll emoji* 
Happy Thursday friends! Kitchen reveal tomorrow!

9 thoughts on “Home Reveal: Living Room + Confessions

  1. I'm in love with the colors you chose, and those curtains! Glad you were able to use that table- I agree it does look perfect there! I'd probably start a gallery wall in that blank space. I can't wait until it gets warmer here so people start having yard sales again- it's amazing what people get rid of/sell! Stopping by from the link-up 🙂


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