Kitchen Reveal + Anniversary

Happy Friday! …and Happy Anniversary to my love! 
Thank you for the past three years. The past year brought us a house to call our own, can’t wait to see what’s ahead. I love you!
Onto what I imagine ya’ll are actually here for! Kitchen walk-through
As promised…
Kitchen table: Grandma’s 
Antique spice rack: yard sale
Hutch: estate sale
Wine rack: Home Goods
Wreath: Walmart
Cookbook holder: Paula Dean
This was my grandmother’s farmhouse table and it’s the one thing I sincerely wanted when we sold her house. It was the table I grew up eating at, there are memories ingrained into it (glitter glue etc..). I’ve considered sanding it down and retaining it but I’ve been talked out of it many many times. What are your thoughts? 
Stove: Kitchen-aid 
Kitchen towels: Pioneer Woman {Here}
Potholders: Pioneer Woman {Here}
I knew when we were shopping for a stove/oven that I wanted a double oven and a gas range. I often am cooking so many things at one time that it definitely is handy. I recommend this particular one to anyone in the market. *Not sponsored just my opinion :)*
Kitchen-Aid mixer: estate sale*
*LADIES go to estate sales!! This BRAND NEW mixer was 30 bucks. Like I mentioned yesterday…something I came across and coaxed Danny into throwing into his estate sale bundle that day. 
I like everything out in front of me when I’m cooking. I don’t like when I have to go searching for a million things so the items I use on a regular basis are right in front of me. 
Hope ya’ll have a great weekend. See ya back on Monday when I’ll be a little older 🙂

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