Birthday Weekending 
As long as I have an excuse now!
Happy Monday friends! I had a fun birthday weekend full of love but I was kinda ready to get back to normality today. I ate too much, drank too much and didn’t go to the gym. I need a routine back in my life! 
Here’s a little recap 🙂
Friday was our anniversary. Three years with the best guy I know called for crabs. We splurged a little and got the jumbos and were so glad we did. They were awesome!

 The seasoning was so good I could have literally licked it clean off the crab. I didn’t…but you bet I thought about it. #saltoverload #mmmmmmm
We stopped at a local bar on the way home, shot some pool, took some selfies and went home. We didn’t want to stay out too late because we knew we were going out again Saturday but we wanted to spend a little extra time just the two of us. 
And this is what happens when you attempt to take a family picture with 2 dogs…
Saturday was my birthday and I started the day out with 5 of my girlfriends and we celebrated over brunch

The crabcake benedict was SO good (never can have too much crab…I’m a Maryland girl after all… remember?)
Danny had to work so I relaxed the rest of the day, ate macaroons and got some odds and ends done around the house. Then when he got home we headed out with some friends + family
I have some really great people in my life that made my 25th feel super special and I thank every single one of them. I love you all. 
Sunday was spent with my family on the Eastern Shore and then off to Danny’s mom’s for dinner. 
Take a look at these BOMB cupcakes she made for me:
Coconut with a lemon center. Deadly. But so good.

Perfect birthday. 
Did anyone watch the ACM’s last night? Here were some of my favorite looks for obvious reasons. These girls are flawless and INCREDIBLE artists.
 1| Jana Kramer just had a baby…WHAT. 
2| Oh okay Kelsea…just be a Carrie x 2. Can someone tell me how people have legs like this? Her performance with Nick Jonas was awesome. You could tell that she was nervous but nonetheless she killed it. 
3| Carrie…again with the legs. Can you be my personal trainer? You’re stunning! 
…Also, can someone please tell me why Cam keeps wearing yellow? Enough.
…I wish they had done more for Joey Feek’s tribute 
…Tim McGraw’s performance was 100% a dig at Beyonce, I don’t care what anyone says
…It was about time Jason Aldean won Entertainer of the Year. We saw him last year and he puts on an incredible show. 
That’s about it today. Hope you had a good weekend!
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