Confessions {04.06.2016}

Confessions with Caitlin-2 
I’m just going to dive on in because I have a lot on my mind today:
+I think I’ve listened to Kelsea Ballerini’s song Peter Pan at least 10k times since she performed it at the ACM’s. Powerful song. But as I’ve mentioned before, once I find a song I like, I listen the crap out of it and then move on to the next one. 
+I’ve been on such a hot sauce kick lately. I put it on EVERYTHING.
+With Danny being away all week, I’m really excited to eat a little better and workout a little bit more. 
+In addition to that, binge watch all my Chicago shows (Fire, Med and PD) and get caught up. I’m fully caught up on Chicago Fire…anyone else addicted to these?
+I’ve had this terrible cough I can’t kick and I know for a fact my dog was annoyed by me all night because all I could hear her doing was sighing really hard like “Mom, could you shut up so I can get my beauty sleep”…yes sorry, Queen. 
+I have the longest to do list of spring chores to get done around the house this weekend but I’m fully aggravated by Mother Nature and her lack of concern for the outdoor projects I have #burrrrrr #doyamind
+There is a temp at my job that has been sitting at our lunch table for a few weeks and she comes up with the most uncomfortable small talk in a way where you’re so stunned that you’re unsure how to respond. Girl, I don’t know you like that. And I feel bad, but please stop. 
+I follow ALOT of fitness Instagram girls and I get caught up in throwing a pity party for myself because I don’t look the way they do. I need to remind myself that it’s going to take time to lose the weight.
+I confess I wish I had something worthy of being featured on Today. Definitely a goal in life. 
P.S. Did anyone watch Shay on The Today Show yesterday?! That BLT pasta salad she made looks SO good. Might have to try a gluten free version this weekend. Mmmm
That’s it for today. Happy Confessing!
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4 thoughts on “Confessions {04.06.2016}

  1. Umm Peter Pan?? I have to go search it NOW! I'm over this weather too, April is drunk. I got ish to do outside! You be YOU, no one is created the same, all bodies are different, something I've come to struggle with too, happiness is better!


  2. Hahaha I do the same thing with songs and listen to them on repeat and then get tired of it. I hate the song then! Haha I need to stop doing that bc I don't want to hate my favorite songs!!


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