Why I Started My Blog

I get asked a lot why I decided to start a blog. For a while I thought it was kind of a silly question until I realized that a ton of people in my life had zero idea of what a blog even was. 

This is how I once described why I started my blog to my friend, Maggie:
A space of my own on the internet that will allow me to get my pent-up stress out in a creative way so I don’t lose my sh**
But to normal people who don’t use expletives and sarcasm on the regular this is how Merriam-Webster defines it:
A website of which an individual writes about personal opinions, activities, and experiences 
 {In hopes that people like you who are reading this give a crap or two 🙂 ..or have similar interests and experiences!}
It amazed me that after a few short weeks of telling the world a little about my life a few times a week, how many of you reached out just to say hello. I’m a girl who loves meeting new people and forming new relationships. We’re all girls, who live this beautiful life our Lord above gave us, and have chosen to share that with each other in hopes that maybe we can support each other in what we have going on or just laugh with each other.
I’ve been through a lot of BS in my life to be entirely honest. I’ve never once talked about my experiences as a way for people to feel bad for me, just because I know there are people out there that struggle with some of the same situations and it helps knowing that you’re not the only one. We’re all more alike than we think. Nobody leads a perfect life and if they say they do…they’re lying. I’m a product of a broken relationship, I’ve lost too many people who never gave up on me to death, and I’ve struggled with the day to day stuff like the feeling of abandonment, work stress, understanding why people are so selfish etc. 
I’m incredibly lucky to have a boyfriend, group of friends + family who are 110% on my side and are the most supportive people I could ever imagine having. They remind me daily that I need to take care of myself more, physically and emotionally. I’ve connected with a number of WONDERFUL girls through social media who reach out to me regularly…which is really cool if you ask me!
This blog started solely because I wanted a reason to find a more creative way of expressing myself and sharing what I love (food, family etc) with my loved ones..and you! 
I had been following Shay for months and I always joked with Danny about starting a blog and he kept telling me to do it. And one day back in January, I bit the bullet and started Red, White and Sass (a play on the wine I drink daily and the sass I give my friends + family all too often). I hope that this blog turns into a way for me to look back (and maybe for my kids to look back on) and remember the great memories I’m making with this life. 
Whether you care about me blabbing on and on about my life or not, you’re here obviously reading this now and I appreciate you hearing what my reasons were for starting this little slice of space here. 
P.S If you’re a fellow blogger and are interested in linking/teaming up, let me know! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Why I Started My Blog

  1. Thank you for sharing your story!! I basically started a blog for the same reason! I use to be a big scrapbooker. Then life and 2 kids happened and it kind of fell by the waist side. So I started my blog as an online scrapbook! Plus, I love to create tumblers, wineglasses, mason jars, etc!!
    The name of my little “business” is 'Oh my Glitter' and I named my blog the same but I'm thinking of changing my blog name since it focuses more on my everyday life instead of just my creations! If that makes sense?!?!
    Sorry for pouring my heart out in your “comment” section!! lol

    On another note. I would love to team/link up!
    I have recently started a “Monday, Mochas, and Motivation” series! If that is something you are interested in… I need all the help I can get on Monday mornings!!


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