Coming atcha today with five things that are making me smile on this gorgeous (but cold + windy) Friday.

1|| I’ve been eating well and smashing some tough circuit workouts with my girl Linda this week so this chick is treating herself to a healthy glass of wine tonight. I finally feel like I’m seeing progress so I guess the burpees are worth it right? #burpeesarehell
2|| My sweet, sweet guy left me a note to find while he was away. Unfortunately he had to tell me to go look for it because I’ve been using a DD gift card all week so I wasn’t using our Keurig #oops ! But how incredible thoughtful. I’m a sucker for little things like this and I may or may not have teared up.
3|| I love lists. I always have the best intentions of finishing them all but I’m pressuring myself to get all of this done by the time Sunday comes. GAME ON. I’ve already crossed one off! If you remember, my ding dong brain only bought one set of curtains for the living room but World Market sent me 15% off for my birthday so I went ahead and ordered the other set. #crossedoff
4|| I love seeing my babies all curled up and snuggly. Bako has been posted up in this spot all week looking out for the house (he’s really looking for Danny but I’ll pretend it was the first one) #manofthehouse
5|| My friend Holly posted about this summer book swap through Facebook and I’m super excited to get some new reads for the summer. You can get up to like 30 books through this. If you want more information or to be included leave a comment on this post with your email and I’ll send you all of the deets. Or if you have any suggestions #gimme.. Happy Reading!
I hope you have a good weekend!
xo, Jess 
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