Stranded! {Medicine Cabinet}

After the past couple days I don’t think I would truly mind being stranded on a deserted island. Get me some vitamin D and some peace and quiet! (Hence my minor hiatus this week…just having a week)

Today I’m linking up with Shay and Erika on their new series talking about what kind of stuff we’d want say we were stuck in the middle of nowhere…and conveniently just happened to have these things with us. 
First topic? What 3 things would I want from my medicine cabinet. I’m going to include my bathroom closet though because to be entirely honest, my medicine cabinet is so small that we really don’t keep a ton of stuff in it.
Plain and freaking simple. I can’t stand when my mouth feels gross. Hope Danny happens to have some toothpaste! 
Otherwise, isn’t there some natural toothpaste you can concoct? Guess I should figure that out before I plan to get stranded.
Sauve Sea Mineral Infusion Shampoo 
I’ve never used expensive hair products. I swear by this Sauve Infusions. And I also swear by their serum too but I’m only allowed 3 things so ugh guess that isn’t making the cut. Oh well. This product though makes my hair feel so healthy and I don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for it.  
So I don’t turn into a complete cave woman while I’m out on this island. Kate on Lost obviously had one, because did you ever see her with hairy armpits or legs? No. 
Although the thought of just three things for personal care on this island freaks me out, there they are. Join us in the link up and share what three things you’d bring from your medicine cabinet. And come back next month and see what books I’d bring. Nicholas Sparks is guaranteed to be on the list. 
 Happy Hump Day peoples! 

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