Word on the street is that Spring has FINALLY come upon us. Hmmm I’ll believe it when I feel sun and 70 degrees hitting my face this weekend. 
Throwing some weekly confessions your way. I really enjoy these because it helps me process what’s happened in the past week.
//I’m not going to put it gently, the beginning of this week was a train wreck. Nobody wanted to be in my way or else I was going to lose it on them. There wasn’t anything technically triggering it, I was just having a week. Ya know?
//That being said, the week has picked up immensely, and some really cool things are happening in my life right now. Hopefully I can share them with you soon!
//I feel really blessed for Danny’s family. We had them over for his mom’s birthday on Tuesday and I just sat there really enjoying every minute of it. However an hour prior, I came home in a horrible mood, and I had to let Danny just hold me for a second before I proceeded to make dinner because I was about to breakdown. Nothing that a glass of wine couldn’t fix though!
//The dogs have been nuts this week. It’s just been a week where we’ve been doing so much after work that we haven’t gotten to take them on a good walk that they need. They just need a good run…hopefully that can happen today!
//I haven’t been to the gym all week. I’ve been on track eating healthy but other than that, there’s just nothing to say #ithappens
//I need a vacation. Come on Nashville!
Sorry that this post was a little negative, but at the same time, I want my blog to be real and this is just real life stuff people. Hope you’re having a good week! Mine is definitely looking up. 
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