Life Lately 
Yessss! This past weekend was beautiful here in Maryland, I couldn’t get enough of it. I opened windows, I did some yard work and it’s officially that time of year where we get to spend all of our free time outside. My favorite is getting to eat outside on the deck. We moved into our house towards the end of the summer last year so we didn’t get to eat out as often as I would have liked but this year we can! 
We’re finally starting to get some of our projects completed. I got up Saturday morning, went to yard sales and then hit a local nursery for some flowers for the yard! 
How does someone not get completely overwhelmed!
My mom’s favorite flower was a Gardenia so when I saw this plant I knew it was a sign and had to get it. They’re the hardest plant to maintain but I’m determined just so I can have a little of my mom in my yard.

We left there with a car full of plants and I am not exaggerating:

Danny’s grandfather couldn’t see out the back window. Do you really need to see anyway?

We then took a quick to Home Depot for a few more:

Because why not?

I ended up planting the pink + orange ones in my planters that hang off of the back deck. Transplanted a hanging plant into a bigger planter but I still have flowers sitting around that I need MORE planters for. I may have gone a little over board. Whoops. And to top it off I need flowers for the pallet planter we have hanging on the fence but different ones because of the sunlight issue back there. #floweroverload !!!

Speaking of the pallet planter here it is! And a total Pinterest success story at that:

I completely LOVE how it turned out. Other than the stars being a little off, I think it turned out great. Danny had been wanting to do this for a while and it was finally nice enough to do it! This was already here when we moved in, but we wanted to spruce it up a little.

I just used regular paint from the kids craft section at Walmart, a couple of foam brushes and then covered the whole thing in an acrylic sealer when it was said and done. All it needs now are some flowers!

Other pictures from our weekend:

Our pups love being outside in the sun.

 I also was able to stop up and see my adorable grandmother for a bit.

See you back here tomorrow for some confessing!


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