Confessions with Caitlin-2 
I confess…
…I always do Caitlin‘s confession link up on Thursday when she has it on Wednesday. Hope you don’t mind girl!
…I do happy and embarassing confessions. I just go with it. I guess they’re more like thoughts but whatevs. If you don’t like it…then I’m sorry
…I have been so happy lately, I don’t know why specifically but whatever it is, give me another glass!
Penny and her new boyfriend, Finn
…I felt like a straight mom the other day when we took the dogs to the dog park. We recently bought a shock/vibrate collar for training Penny with and at one point Danny hit the shock instead of vibrate and she jumped about 5 feet in the air and screeched. UGH hearing my furbaby in pain/scared makes me feel terrible and she probably hates me. #donthateme #itwasdad #loveme
…I’m over the moon about GETTING A NEW JOB. I shared with ya’ll the other day that big things were happening and I was excited to share it with you, well on Tuesday it all was finalized and I accepted a new position in the marketing department at my company. Very very excited for the new challenge!
…I’m backed up on laundry again and it’s making me crazy. If I hear the word one more time I’m going to lose it. 
…I’m nowhere near ready to run 13.1 miles next Saturday. I guess it will be fine once I get to the start line but you better believe I’ll be overdosing on pre-workout and coffee #runningoncrack
There ya have it. What are you confessing this week?
xo, Jess

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