Monday, Oh Monday 
It’s Monday, but I’m not completely hating it today. 3 days are standing in between me and a long weekend in Tennessee with my man. Nashville is calling my name!
We were on the go all weekend, setting up an estate sale for a family friend. Up at 530a on Saturday and 7a Sunday, leads to a very exhausted chica. It was worth it though, we helped them get rid of A TON of stuff. The rest will either go to auction or charity.
When we weren’t selling things to anyone who was willing, we spent some time outside relaxing. I didn’t take a ton of pictures but here are a few snaps from the weekend:
Started off with a run on Friday. I think this was the strongest I have felt in a while, and although I haven’t been training like I usually do, I think I’ll be ready to go for Nashville this weekend. 

 Danny found this hat at the estate sale and wore it for the remainder of the day. Well not really but he was obsessed with it for a good couple of hours. I think he looks silly but whatever floats his boat.

We woke up on Saturday to realize how incredibly murky the water in the pond was. We obviously need a new filter! When we got home from the estate sale on Saturday this was the scene. Farmer Danny cleaning out the pond. I’m sure the fish, frogs, and turtle were happy. Unfortunately on Sunday morning we woke up and the waterfall had leaked out and half of the pond was drained! Ugh…the bright side of it though was that it basically drained out all of the goop. We have a clean and clear pond now 🙂

After cleaning up a bit and getting a Red Bull in our system (because we were straight EXHAUSTED) we headed down to the grandparent’s and hung outside for a bit, playing corn hole, grilling out and just relaxing. 

Shirt / Shorts (similar)

Sunday was another morning spent at the estate sale, and then I thought I’d get my car washed but apparently I wasn’t the only one. There were also 3 cars behind me. Luckily it went pretty quick.

How was your weekend? Hope the weather was as nice as it was up here in Maryland. 

Happy Monday, friends.
xo Jess

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