Talk About It- Healthy Roadtrippin’

I’m linking up with some lovely ladies today over at Stang & Co + Crown Me In Glitter. Check them out if you get a chance, and then join the link up. You can talk about literally whatever floats your boat that day. 
First up can I just say something and it sucks that it even has to be said. If you’re going to use ideas from fellow bloggers, shoot them a comment or at least give them credit. We obviously aren’t the first to come up with ideas and such that we feature on here but coming from someone who is always thinking about her blog through her daily life, be respectful please. Don’t use other’s ideas for filler on your blog…days apart from when someone posted about it.
And don’t steal pictures and be a weirdo with them. I recently found out that someone was stealing a fellow blogger’s pictures and using them as their own. Not just random pictures. Pictures of her family and that makes me absolutely sick to my stomach. Why can’t people just leave well enough alone. My heart goes out to her and her family.
Now that I’ve got that off my chest..moving forward. 
Typically in the past when Danny and I hit the road somewhere, which has usually been either Tennessee or South Carolina, we don’t really plan much of it out. This time I want to be better about it as, we both have been trying the healthy thing. It’s obviously not realistic to be completely healthy on road trips but having SOME healthy snack options around may help a little. 
I’m packing the cooler this time with some of the following that have recently become my favorite go-to’s:
1| thinkThin Protein Bars 
 My personal favorite are the Creamy Peanut Butter + Brownie Crunch but at 20g of protein AND they’re gluten free, these are the perfect snack. I eat them as my mid-afternoon snack when it’s about 3pm and I hit a wall. Does anyone else feel that way? 
2|| Smartfood Delight
They come in individual bags which makes taking them on the go even easier. 35 calories per bag too! No brainer. 
 3|| Halos 
As long as you’re not in a super hot car, and have a cooler with you, these are perfect because they don’t necessarily have to be 100% cold. 
I’ll probably pick up at least a few cheats like Twizzlers, and Sour Patch Kids because those are staples with us but as long as I have a few healthier options it will make me feel better. Plus, I’m running a race so I need to keep some good foods in my system and not all junk. 
Roadtrips can be a complete trap for eating garbage but if you plan ahead they don’t have to be!
What are your tips for eating on the go? You have 24 hours to shoot all of them my way before we hit the road 🙂
xo, Jess

3 thoughts on “Talk About It- Healthy Roadtrippin’

  1. I hear ya, lady. It is so easy to give a shoutout and shows respect for what others are doing! And those bars looks super good-I have started stocking nutritious snack bars in my desk drawer for the exact 3pm wall that you speak or, they are great for holding over until dinner!


  2. I am the WORST with packing for road trips. In my mind, I'm just like meh I'll get some hard boiled eggs at the gas station if we stop or something. no biggie! except then I see chips. and candy. and pretzels. And I need all of the things and get those instead! haha

    and on the note of the blogging world being scary, I couldn't even blog anymore last week because I was so distraught over it. You think its safe and just your little niche of people, and its not. Its so upsetting and I just don't know if I can even share anymore about my little family, and thats why I started blogging to begin with. ugh 😦


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