TN Part 2- Lynchburg: Home of Jack

Hey there! Today I’m recapping part 2 of our trip in TN
If you missed it you can read about it HERE
Part 2 of our trip of course was to head down to the Jack Daniel’s Distillery

Aka…Danny’s favorite place on earth. I like it too but I think he’s more partial to it than I am 🙂 I’m breaking this post into Thursday/Friday because we spent two days there. 
After we cleaned up..because let’s be honest here…my hair was an oil vat and I smelled…well less than lovely, we headed about 5 minutes up the road from where we were staying to the distillery.
If any of you haven’t been to Lynchburg, TN before let me tell you a little bit about it. The entire town lives and breaths Jack Daniels. And has been for 150 years. In fact this year is their 150th Anniversary. 
Moore County where Lynchburg can be found, is actually a dry county ironically. It seems that it’s just a tradition after all of these years. The distillery can only sell “commemorative” bottles. They do however offer a tasting tour that begins with a tour of the entire distillery and ends with a sampling of 5 different Jack Daniel’s products
Gentleman’s Jack
Jack Daniels Old No. 7 (the kind that most of us are familiar with)
Jack Daniel’s Honey
Jack Daniel’s Fire
Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel 

My favorite is probably the Gentleman’s Jack. But I do have to say JD Fire is WAY better than Fireball. Yup I said it.
The town typically shuts down around 4:30p except for the general store and a bbq place for dinner. If you have to constantly have a bustling town to visit…this is good for a pass through but that’s about it. We however, don’t mind the small town charm of Lynchburg. 
I love this guy!
We took the tour, soaked up the sun that we knew wasn’t probably going to last, and sipped on some Jack. 
Here are a few more snaps from the distillery.
Danny had an event in the evening so we got up, checked out of our hotel and headed to lunch at this adorable old boarding house called Miss Mary Bobo’s
The restaurant is family style which I loved!! It’s fun meeting new people and having conversation that you typically wouldn’t since this type of dining isn’t heard of as much anymore. 

Chicken pastry, fried okra, corn, butter beans w/ sweet pepper jelly, meatloaf and Jack Daniel’s infused fried apples 
I’m still dreaming about this meal.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Danny started dating a girl with the same initials as Jack himself.
One more stop to the distillery before heading to our BBQ event.

Jean Jacket- similar here 
Shoes: They’re 30% off right now!

Waiting in line to get on the bus to head up to BBQ Hill. Unfortunately by the time we made it up there it was too dark for any good pictures. But here is one from two years ago for you to get an idea of how gorgeous it is up there!
Needless to say we love Lynchburg, TN
Come back tomorrow for the rest of our weekend in Nashville!
xo, Jess

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