My Personal Style

Today, I’m linking up with Andrea talking about my personal style. If you were to ask Danny what my style was he’d probably make some smart remark about how I’m always in gym clothes. And that’s probably true but I do like to put on real clothes every once in a while.

There are a few main items I’m drawn to though and they are as follows:

Portofino Shirts

Matched with black shorts, jeans, white shorts, basically any bottoms! These shirts are so versatile and can either be dressed up or dressed down.

Chambray Shirt

These things have BLOWN UP in popularity I feel like in the past year. I wear mine all year round! In the winter I wear it with black leggings and boots and then like the look above, in the summer I wear it with white pants/shorts. This is probably one of the best purchases I’ve ever made to be honest.

Loose Fitting Sweaters/Cardigans

I’m so self conscious of my stomach so these loose fitting tops are my go-to. They’re also suppppperrr comfy and in the winter and well, all year round to be honest, all I’m looking for is to be comfy.


Because duh. It’s the best accessory ever made.

Workout Gear

And 365 days of the year you’ll find me coming home from work and living my life in something along these lines. Sorry babe, I’ll never break out of this. I love all things UA and Nike.
All these looks and more can be found on my Pinterest “Wardrobe” page. I’m hoping one day Stich Fix actually pays attention to it like they say they do and send me something that I would like to wear. But that’s another story for another time.

Happy Tuesday loves !!

xo, Jess

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