Stranded! {Books}

It’s here! The day I’ve been excited about all week. I mentioned it on Monday (if you missed it you can read my post HERE) and I’m excited to share the 3 books I’d bring with me.
If you missed it last month, the topic was 3 items from your medicine cabinet. See that post HERE.
There was a period when I was growing up where I read every. day. I guess it was when I went to high school/college when I was forced into reading things I wasn’t really thrilled about, when that took a short hiatus. I would read occasionally on vacation but it wasn’t until the past few years that I picked it back up regularly. And I’m happy I did because I truly do enjoy it. I grab a glass of wine and go to my happy place. 
These are the 3 books I’ve narrowed it down to: 
For the Right Reasons
 I ordered this to my Kindle months ago but was so on and off with it. On our trip to Tennessee recently, I finally finished it. I’m a big fan of the Bachelor/ette series but I read this book because I knew that it was going to be more serious then some of the others I’ve seen out there (assuming they all just complain about their experience on the show). Sean is really raw and honest about his journey. And life in general. I think that having this on the island could be a good reminder of putting things into perspective. Keeping your faith while stuck on an island.,204,203,200_.jpg 
 I Like You Just the Way I Am
If you don’t know who Jenny Mollen is then you need to get a clue. Ha but seriously this book is just hilariously written and I love her sense of humor. I imagine I’ll need a good laugh or two on the island.
 The Help
 Hands down the best book I’ve ever read. And movie too for that matter. No more needs to be said really.
IF I could bring more I’d bring the following Nicholas Sparks books because who doesn’t love a good NS love story:
 I love them all !!
What am I currently reading?
Me Before You 
 So assuming I get trapped on the island say…today this is what I would be reading. Is there a rule that says you can bring your Kindle? I guess I can squeeze wanting an outlet somewhere on this island…right?

What 3 books would you bring? Join the link-up HERE or HERE and let us know!

xo, Jess
Linking up with Shay + Erika today 

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