Friday Favorites

  It’s Friday. 
Friday the 13th (start the mass freak out). 
Last day before I start my new job.
This girl is happy.
 Dunkin had to remake my coffee this morning because they must have thought I asked for an iced milk with a splash of coffee. Yuck. But if that’s all that happens on this Friday the 13th I think I’m good to go. 
Coming at you today with some of my favorites from the week:
1| BBQ Chicken Pita Pizza 
Ya’ll. A few things: this isn’t my picture. Partially because I couldn’t get it in my stomach quick enough because of the workout I did at the gym and I just plain forgot to snap a picture. I’ll throw my recipe up for it this weekend but mmmmm these have been requested to become a weekly staple. Twist my arm. 
2| New Job!
I’m so excited to be starting a new job in the marketing department of my company on Monday. I like new beginnings. Fresh starts and a challenge! Happy girl here. 
3| Stranded!
If you missed my post on Wednesday. Go check it out! And if you haven’t joined in yet. Dooooo it. It’s fun and we don’t bite. Just the sharks from the island do 🙂
Click Here to read what books I would take!
4| Sun

You’re probably wondering why this is my favorite this week buuuuuut it’s been raining for a good month now here in Maryland. Yesterday for about 2 seconds the clouds broke and we actually saw that big orange ball for a little bit in the evening. It was a nice change of pace. To say I’ve been getting seasonal depression in the just..depressing. 

5| Yin & Yang

Be still my heart. The end. 

Hope your weekend is fabulous!! 

Xo, Jess

2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. We have had a little sunshine but I feel you on the rain..WAY too much lately! And nothing worse than a messed up coffee order! Enjoy your weekend and good luck at the new job next week!!


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