June & Back At It

Hey, Hi, remember me? 
I know I’ve been MIA for a bit but I feel like I needed a little hiatus to get back on track. Here’s a quick recap of what I’ve been up to!
Hanging out with some of my girls:

And Tim! 

Wine & Friends. Can’t go wrong in my books! Even in the rain 🙂 

Bachelorette Bracket begun in our house. Danny, myself, our neighbor Hanna, Danny’s mom and sister are all in it. Chad…go away. Derek, you may stay. 

We went to the Bahamas!! Here are a few pictures but once I get the whole slew of them from my friends I’ll upload them. It was a company cruise but when most of your closest friends work at the same company it makes trips like this even better. 

Danny’s Dad got engaged while we were in the Bahamas (more on that later in the week). We are beyond thrilled for them. 

I got a Stitch Fix and FINALLY wasn’t disappointed. Although they went completely over my budget and I only kept one shirt. Last year, I scheduled one right before my best friend’s wedding and it was horrendous. And I’m not using that word lightly. It was horrible. 

Last but not least, what I have NOT been up to is sticking with my fitness routine. I’ve slipped into this funk and I am becoming really bummed out about it. It’s my fault. The ice cream lures me in. But I need to get back to running because my PCOS isn’t helping my situation either. If any of you struggle with this, let me know what you’ve done with your diet to help because I’m all ears at this point. I’ve heard going dairy free, and gluten free helps but let me know. PLEASE!
My goal for June is to get back to writing more regularly. I’ve forgotten how much I enjoy it. And I’ve missed connecting with my little blog world. 
Happy June loves. Lets make it great. Summer is upon us!
xo, Jess

2 thoughts on “June & Back At It

  1. So with on the Bachelorette! Chad needs to GO!
    The Bahamas looked amazing!

    I need all the “staying on track” fitness/diet tips I can get! The kids are out of school for the summer and the ice cream eating is happening ALL the time!


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