Hey There

Hey There, I’ve missed you. Yes you, the reason I started this blog to begin with. I recognize I’ve been absent, I could list a bunch of excuses but I’ve been trying to get away from making excuses. 
Excuses for not working out.
Excuses for not eating healthier.
Excuses for not taking time for myself. 
That’s exactly what this space was created for. To allow myself some me time. 
When I started Red, White & Sass, I wanted it to be something I stuck with everyday and I’ve let myself slip away from it. And to many of you that probably doesn’t mean a whole lot. But I’ve noticed myself missing it…alot. Writing on this little slice of the internet allows me for at least an hour, a couple of times a week, to escape from life for a bit. To relax, and put my creative tools to work. 
So today, June 22nd., I’m going to stop making excuses just for you. Since I started my blog back in January, I’ve loved getting to know some really amazing women through their blogs. I’ve been reading, don’t you worry! But I’m back. I’m back to more purposeful blogging.
What have I been up to? 
// LOVING my new marketing position
// 21 Day Fix
// Taking the pups for more walks now that it’s gorgeous 97% of the time here in Maryland
// Trying some new recipes (clean, healthy ones!)
It feels good to finally sit down and get back to writing. And now I can do it on my new laptop 🙂 What kind of posts would you like to see on here?? I’m all ears!
Happy Wednesday loves.
xo, Jess

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