Thursday Thoughts

I’m going snails pace this morning. I wish I was still in bed. 
The main road I take to work was shut down this morning. If you’re from the Baltimore area, you know that 695 West is already a nightmare typically. So my usual 35-40 min (without traffic) commute turned into around an hour. Fun times, let me tell you. Especially when rain was thrown into the mix.
The other night, I made a cup of coffee and stuck it in the fridge for the next morning. I woke up, blended it with ice and my chocolate Shakeology and I felt like I was experiencing everything good in the world all at once. To be honest, it tasted like a Coolata from Dunkin. Soooo good.
If you don’t use Shakeology, I imagine doing this with regular protein would be just as good! Mmm vanilla too. 
Every two weeks or so Danny will go through what I call “a fit”. I come home from work, and he instantly starts rambling off anxiously about how there is too much crap around the house. I typically pause for a sec and look around unsure of what the heck the man is talking about. I’ve learned to just go with it. #iloveyoubutyourecrazy Anywayyyyy he had a fit the other day over the “crap in the kitchen cabinets” however it turned out great because after about an hour, we got rid of so much stuff I realized I don’t use. It was great! Thanks for the fit babe!

I’m in desperate need of a vacation. I don’t know what it is but I need nothing more than to lay on a beach for aproximately 10 days. We go to Myrtle Beach in August but that seems like forever away right now. I wish there was time to sneak away somewhere for a weekend, it’s tough though because Danny works on weekends. I keep telling myself to be patient, but you know when you just want to get away and relax? That’s where I’m at these days.
Come back tomorrow, I’m sharing my favorite things lately for my usual linkup
xo, Jess

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