Well it’s Tuesday. It’s cloudy and humid outside but I’m ready to start my day. 

It looks like I’m not the only one doing my weekend recap a day late so I definitely don’t feel AS bad. I was so sick Sunday night that I fell asleep on the couch promptly around 7:30p, moved myself upstairs around 10p and then Monday came. So you can assume, there just wasn’t time to put a blog post together.
This weekend was jam packed! So I’ll jump right on in. 
Friday was date night. My fav! Partially because I can never catch that man of mine not exhausted lately after a day of work. He’s been doing like 12-13 hour days so I don’t blame him. He rallied up on Friday though and we hit the casino! 
Unfortunately this was the only picture I got solely because I was debating with my girlfriends on whether to tuck the shirt in or leave it out. They both said tuck it in so there we have it! 
Side note: The last time I wore this skirt was 3 years ago, when I was SO unhealthy. Eating whatever I wanted, never working out (but continuously wondering, why I wasn’t “skinny”). Today I wear this skirt confidently, not worrying constantly why I’m not skinny, but worrying more about a healthier future. I want to be the best I can be for my littles in the future, so it has to start somewhere. I’m not going to sit here and advertise the 21 Day Fix like it’s my job, because it’s not. I’ll leave that up to the coaches, but for me this has actually worked for me. The only thing that has worked for me. I’m so happy with where I am today. 
Saturday, I went to my friend’s daughter’s 4th birthday. I was pretty much the only there who didn’t bring any kids but that didn’t stop me from soaking up some rays!
This was my view for the afternoon:
Birthday girl with her loot

I cleaned up, and got together with some girlfriends at a local winery for some girl time and great music. Oh and some wine & cheese (the way to my heart)

Such a gorgeous night too! I love summer nights 🙂
Sunday we spent the day at Danny’s grandmom’s but something must have upset my stomach on Saturday night because I wasn’t feeling good at all. I’m guessing it was the dairy, because I’ve pretty much cut it out of my diet lately. Luckily her deck swing was where I propped myself most of the day while I watched Danny attempt to take everyone down in cornhole ha. 
Hope you all had a great weekend too! 

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