Sweet Summertime

It’s July and I finally feel like we are in the thick of summer and I’m absolutely loving it! I’m loving all the time spent outside, with family and friends. This time last year we were getting ready to move into our new house so it was way hectic. Nice to finally get the slower pace of summertime back. 
I loved seeing everyone’s posts yesterday about what you did over the weekend and since I missed you yesterday, I’ll catch ya’ll up. (Am I the only one that feels like they need a whole recovery day from a holiday weekend, busy busy…but I shouldn’t complain!)
Friday my company let us out at 2p which was amazing! I went for a quick run (which turned into a total downpour!) and then decided to treat myself to a pedicure. Do you really ever need a reason for a pedicure? Nahhh

 My go-to in the summer is OPI Strawberry Margarita but they didn’t have it. This was as close as I was going to get but I liked it even more! Flirt Alert for the win.
Saturday’s we get up early and hit flea markets & yard sales but afterwards my neighbor asked if I wanted to head out on the boat for the afternoon. It was gorgeous out too. We had a pretty cute captain too 🙂
Meet Finn, our captain for the day. Who also happens to be Penny’s boyfriend. She was missed out on the boat, but she’s never been and I’m not really sure how she would do.

 Beautiful day for sure. 
We headed out later that evening once Danny got off of work to the beach bar near our house
It’s always super easy to pop over there in the evenings since it’s within walking distance. Plus they have amazing mojito’s and crushes. Mmm
Sunday we had a day of bbq parties to hit. One of which I was actually singing at with the band I sometimes make an appearance in. 
Shorts: Target (old) ; Top: TJ Maxx (old) ; Wedges: Lucky Brand

Making sure his shades were ready for the 4th 🙂
Me singing on the left and my girlfriends of 11 years (well minus the little one) on the right. 

Little blurry but it works! Our festive pic of the night!
I made a few REALLY yummy things over the weekend that I’ll put up tomorrow. Hope you all had as much of a great weekend as I did. Happy Wednesday!!

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