Thursday Confessions

It’s Thursday which means I guess I should get to confessing. Plus I haven’t linked up in a while so there’s that too. 
I wrote on Monday about being absent and this week I’ve only posted the one time. BUT I have an excuse. I’m currently working on re-branding my blog, switching it over to WordPress and when all is said and done, I’m hoping for it to be it’s own domain! I know big things. Well, it’s big to those in the blogging world. I talked to Caitlin over at Confessions of a Northern Belle (coincedence that I’m confessing today?) this morning because I noticed she did a refresh too! So I’m not the only one. Just be patient with me, the new site should be up soon. 
Does this need anymore explanation? I don’t particularly think so. Sign me up!
I’m full fledge addicted to cold brew. And I don’t mean that lightly. The girl at the Dunkin drive-thru totally called me out on it to. Whoops #noshameinmygame. Also, my friend posted on Facebook about Pumpkin Spice being back at Dunkin… I’m sorry, WHAT. My Dunkin is totally slacking! Who cares if it’s still August! (insert cry laughing emoji here)
I’m getting an itch to travel…and not just in the US or an island somewhere. I mean like Italy, Ireland, etc. 
As some of you know, I’m a huge Bachelor series fan. So naturally, I’m in the thick of BIP (Bachelor in Paradise for those non-fans). Let me just say these few things: Amanda and Josh, okay we get it you like slurping each others face); Nick, I feel bad for you, glad Jen came; Carly, you’re not fooling anyone by pretending to like Evan. Hopefully you realize we’re all over you trying to get famous from this show; Ashley I…I wish you and your constant fake cry and whining would go home. 
What are you confessing today?
xo, Jess
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3 thoughts on “Thursday Confessions

  1. Love the BIP confessions. I feel the same way too. I think Carly is in it for fame as well. Amanda and Josh are gross. Ugh. I haven't tried cold brew yet. I really need to. Might become my newest love too! yay for new blog design. I feel like I need to do that too….again.


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