Pause & Smile

Hi lovely blog world. New week, fresh starts. Aren’t they great? Nothing wild this weekend, but there were moments where I stopped and realized how little things, just make my heart feel really full. These were a couple of moments this weekend that made me pause for a second and smile:

I write about my dogs alot but I can never begin to really understand how a dog just knows when you need a good cuddle. 
Or just to people watch with you for a few minutes at the front door:

To all my dog mommas out there, I’m sure you can understand 🙂
And speaking of mommas my best friend recently gave birth to this precious little boy, Braxton and I couldn’t be more thrilled for her. He was baptized over the weekend and I was really glad I had the chance to be there. The 1.5 hour drive there and back is totally worth it for some baby snuggles. 
Not much to report today, just hopping on the “I need coffee and it’s Monday” bandwagon. Who else thinks there should be another day permenantly tagged on to the weekend. Me for one. 
Some of my favorite bloggers are going through First Day of School today, good luck ladies!!

xo, Jess

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