Gallery Wall Inspiration

I have this huge wall in my living room, currently with a lone canvas picture of a boat. It doesn’t make ANY sense that there is a boat picture there other than the fact that it has blue in it and the walls are blue. For months, I’ve been wanting to figure something out to do with it. I’ve gone back and forth with the gallery wall idea, solely because it’s a wall without a couch or anything on it so it needs more than just a large canvas. 
Here are some ideas I’ve found on Pinterest but if you’ve done one in the past, I’m totally open to suggestions. 

Image result for gallery wall

I like that they incorporated family photos in their wall as well. I’m big on capturing moments and having them scattered around the house.


I recently came across Back Road Sign Co. on Etsy and fell in LOVEEEE with their signs. Here are some of my favorites they currently have in their store:

This is our happy place, wooden, sign, quote sign, farmhouse decor, farmhouse, sign

City State Sign, handmade sign, wooden sign, hand painted, custom, local, farmhouse decor, gift, state, city, rustic

Initial sign, Letter or Number Sign, Wooden Sign, handmade sign, home decor, farmhouse decor, custom sign, gift, personalized

I also love simple monograms such as this

Have you guys ever ventured with a gallery wall? Or tackled a large empty wall in general? Share your experiences in the comments below!

xoxo, Jess

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