Friday Favorites – From the Blogging World

Look ya’ll it’s been a week. Ya know, just a week. But, it’s Friday and I’m sharing some random things that I’ve read during my morning blog reading that got me through to this here FRIDAY.


Whipped Feta. Yes, this is a thing. Or maybe you already know that. However, I’m just now finding out about it. I have all of the feels about this. I immediately texted my two cheese loving girlfriends and they were immediately on board. I imagine it will be one of those love at first bite things. But I’ll let you know. Stay tuned.

Side note: If you’re a food lover like me, check out this blog. You’ll never know what life was like before it.

If you missed my post yesterday then shame on you. Kidding. Anywho, I really love this sign style and I think it would go great in my living room. I’m just trying to find one at the right price. And the right quote but mainly the right price ha. 
Monday, I got these feelings…feelings of blogger jealousy! I was seeing packages of Shay’s new book all over social media. I immediately ran over to Amazon…well not really run…click over quickly and preordered it! I cannot wait!!
I posted about Braxton on Monday but oh well. He’s just the cutest thing. Babies are just everything. 
We don’t have too much going on this weekend, just relaxing. Sunday is the anniversary of when my Mom passed away so I’ll be spending the day wrapped up in wonderful memories of my sweet momma. Hope you all enjoy the last couple weekends of the summer (ugh I hate saying that). But let’s be real, I’m ready to dive in head first with all things fall!
xoxo, Jess

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