Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! It was a short week but man was I ready for Friday. But I say that every Friday, right? Yesterday I guess I covered some favorites with my favorite fall essentials so if you missed it. Check it out here. If you did read, here are some of my other highlights of the week.

one. My friend Kelly is getting married this weekend! Kelly and I lived next door to each other sophomore year and that’s when our love story began. Throughout college, Kelly and I shared a special sister-like bond. We cuddled Thursday nights for Grey’s Anatomy, carried on the usual college shenanigans but I’m so thankful for our friendship.


Kelly, I am so excited to see you marry the love of your life. John is everything I could ever imagine for you. You’re going to be the most beautiful bride. Let’s get this party started!

two. Candy corn. Said and done.

candy corn.jpg

Give me all the bags of candy corn. My manager even shares my affinity for it and we now have a jar of it sitting in between our cubes. I don’t see it lasting through the end of today.

three. Rent the Runway. I got a dress for Kelly’s wedding and I’m so excited to see how it turns out. I’ve never done one before but I’ve heard so many good things about it! Stay tuned for a full review on Monday.

Other random thoughts for the week:

  • BIP: 3 proposals, all of which I actually see lasting. Who else in #bachelornation is impressed. Not impressed with their poll on After Paradise asking who people would like to see and the twins were one of the options. *eyeroll*
  • Start of football season! Anyone catch the Panthers/Broncos game last night? I watched but I’m more excited about my Ravens on Sunday.
  • Speaking of Ravens, Happy Purple Friday!

Did I mention I was excited for Kelly’s wedding? Going to the Raven’s kickoff party tonight but thats the extent of my weekend plans. Hope you have something fun planned. Come back Monday for my full recap of Kelly’s wedding and my RTR review!




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