Weekend Recap & RTR Review

Happy Monday! Happy Ravens win Monday! Which meant free Dunkin this morning 🙂 Never a bad way to start a Monday. Hope you all had a great weekend, I sure did! We went to the Raven’s kick off party Friday night where 3 Doors Down played (blogger fail with no pictures) and then saw one of my best friends marry the love of her life on Saturday.


Still trying to figure out why my leg is kicked up like that but oh well. 

She’s married and officially is a changed woman. When it comes to her last name at least! My friend Kelly, got married this weekend to a man, who is even better than anyone I could imagine for her.


I mentioned last week that I was trying Rent the Runway, a style app that allows you to rent designer dresses at a fraction of what you’d pay in the store for them. You can also rent accessories too! They give you the option to get two sizes since you are ordering these dresses online, that way there is a good chance the second size will work if the other doesn’t.

The best part about RTR in my opinion is the reviews that they put on every dress so you can read through the comments and see girls with different body types etc who recently wore the dress, to see whether you really think the dress you’re thinking about choosing is the right one for you.

My RTR was a Style Stalker dress that I chose to come in a small & medium. I tend to have a very stubborn body when it comes to dresses, which is why I don’t have a “go-to” style. In fact, I was really taking a chance with this dress because typically, I would never choose a dress that was this low cut. But hey, when in Rome. I ended up wearing the medium which led to the bust area being a tad loose. Nothing a little “fashion” tape couldn’t fix. (and by fashion tape I mean double sided carpet tape that Danny had in his work truck. It worked though!)

I was so incredibly happy with my decision to go with Rent the Runway, after reading about many of you that have tried it before. If you haven’t though, and you have an event like a wedding or work event, I highly recommend trying Rent the Runway. They even give you 20% off of your first order.

Have you ever done Rent the Runway before? 

Are you excited that football season is officially upon us? What did you think of Carrie Underwood’s new SNF intro? 


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