Dunkin On-The-Go


It’s Tuesday, and that means that if you head over to Narci’s blog, you can participate in this fun little series too. You can talk about absolutely anything, a product, your new favorite recipe, ANYTHING. For those moms out there, Narci is talking about how she keeps her little family organized through the school year. Even if you’re just trying to get into a routine and keep your life organized, she has some helpful tips!

I’m talking about Dunkin Donuts On-the-Go this morning. Not to sponsor Dunkin, but solely because I love coffee and this new feature on their app is AMAZING. So this morning, I got up, and wasn’t feeling all that great. I decided to work from home, but still wanted my morning fix. Look ya’ll, it’s part of my routine, it’s how I start every morning.

I remembered that they recently revamped their app so I logged on from the comfort of my bed to check out what it took for this “on-the-go” so I didn’t have to wait around in a line, and I could get back home quickly. I punched in my order, headed the 3/4 mile up the road and I kid you not I was home 7 minutes later. Why? because you pay on your phone, walk in and skip the line & are out and on your way. I walked in and they handed me my coffee and that was all she wrote. For those who are in a hurry in the morning or just don’t feel like fighting lines, THIS IS GOLD. Go now! Do it. Then let me know how it worked for you. Unknown-1.jpegClick the app logo above to download the new Dunkin Donuts app & enter below to win a $10 Dunkin Gift Card!


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