Thursday Thoughts

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One more day til the weekend! Well two full work days but I like to look at life glass half full. I was talking to one of my girlfriends and she was asking if I had a post ready today and I said “nope! it’s gonna be a random assortment of thoughts, because that’s how my life feels these days”. We had pool league and I was in the middle of eating incredible buffalo garlic wings and realized I was completely okay with it. So enjoy my thoughts from this week:

  1. I completely thought this week was when all the new shows started for the fall lineup. I was wrong, and disappointed. Here are the ones I’m gonna fill my DVR with:
    • Big Bang Theory – fun fact, my dog was named after Penny from BBT.
    • Designated Survivor – I was completely intrigued when I saw this commercial and was surprised that this was actually a real thing. Who knew some random cabinet member could be President at the blink of an eye if something were to happen. Plus I’ve LOVED Kiefer Sutherland since 24 so I’m super excited about this one.
    • Grey’s Anatomy – Who else loves a show that gives you all the feelings in one episode. Last season, per usual, we were left with this wild clifhanger. Thanks Shonda.
    • This Is Us – If any of you watched Parenthood, I imagine just as many tissues will be needed.
  2. I used my crockpot twice this week. Thats a record for me. I’ve felt like I’ve been in such a dinner rut and I realized this week how much I love my crockpot meals. Throw it in and go about your day. I made BBQ pulled chicken & Creamy Chicken Potatoes and Carrots. What are your crockpot favorites?
  3. Did you download the new iOS 10 update? I don’t know how I feel about it. Of course I’m sure I said that last time they came out with a software update.
  4. I need to figure out how to transition into fall with my wardrobe. I keep wanting to wear white pants and tank tops but this morning it was definitely crisp outside which means I need to hit up the TJMaxx & Marshalls to start updating. I did buy these super cute booties at Target the other day but feel like it’s too soon to wear them. I wish Maryland weather would stay consistent!
  5. I have absolutely no plans this weekend and it feels amazing. I can’t wait to just do nothing.
  6. I’ve been feeling frustrated with myself because I go through periods where I work out constantly and then not so much. The past two weeks have been “not so much”. I need motivation.

So there you have it. A few thoughts that I felt like ya’ll needed to hear.




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