Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! For once, I feel like this week flew by. Nonetheless, I’m ready for the weekend. Per usual I’m sharing some of my favorites from the week and hope you had some highlights too!


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A couple weeks ago, I pre-ordered Shay’s new cookbook (which is set to release later in October) buuuut the Prime gods must have caught the vibe that I needed a good surprise this week and it got delivered early! Make sure you check it out, it has those types of recipes that normal people like me & you would actually make. That don’t require 150 ingredients or ingredients you’d only use once. Super easy and delicious. Can’t wait to try all of them out!


FALL! If you missed my post yesterday on basically why I love fall so much, check it out here. Otherwise, if you’re not a fan of fall, ignore this all together.


We are officially in the swing of football season. I love it! If you’re from Baltimore you know that Purple Friday’s are a tradition around here. Sometimes I go the easy route and throw my jersey on with a pair of leggings but I’ve been looking around for some other alternatives as well. Whether you’re a Ravens fan or not, these are some cute game day/Purple Friday looks:

thumbImage result for ravens womens tops

Left / Middle / Right


Wednesday, I talked about how much of a funk I have been in when it comes to finding the motivation to workout and focus on being healthy. I bit the bullet later in the afternoon and signed up for the Chesapeake Bay Bridge 10k. I find that if I sign up, I’m forced into training for it. So this is something I’m really looking forward to! Usually I’d be running the Baltimore Half, but my best friend is coming home that weekend so I won’t be able to make it. Heres to the next 45 days of getting back outside to run and train. I’m really excited about it.

Hope you all have some fun things planned for the weekend. This will be a good start to my training this weekend because it’s supposed to be in the 70s all weekend. Perfect running weather. Have a good weekend!!


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