Life Lately Through the Lens

Life lately is filled with relaxing days, fresh air through the open windows and the smell of fall filling the windows. Here is what my life has been this week through the view of my iPhone camera lens:

If you missed my post on Monday, check out my beef stew recipe. Perfect for this time of year. Even Penny is a fan (of course I’m pretty sure if I put it in front of her face she would attempt to eat it)

I came home to a nice surprise of a bottle of wine in my fridge. Granted I’m sure there is buttering up I’m in for, but I’ll take the nice gesture.

With the end of the summer crab season amongst us, I don’t mind $1 crabs 🙂

Per usual this is my really active puppy. Make yourself comfortable..please.

So a few more randomness for this Hump Day:

  • If you don’t follow the Hungry Runner Girl should. I’m going to get sappy for a minute because I recently found this girl’s blog through Instagram randomly one day and I can say she had truly changed how I view my day to day. Reading through her stories and life experiences, it has really opened my eyes and made me more aware of my self worth. Not to rely on anyone else for happiness. Thank you Janae for letting us into your world and just being a friend…even if it’s through email/blogging.
  • My neighbor Hanna, recently started fostering through a local lab rescue. She just finished up with her third foster, and yesterday, she found a home. Although she’s on a one week trial, I feel like it will work out. If you have ever thought about fostering or adopting a dog for even a second, please strongly consider it. Following their social media quickly opens your eyes and makes it all worthwhile especially when these dogs finally find forever homes.

Happy Wednesday!



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