Woah There

Has it really been 14 days since my last post? Time flies when you’re not paying much attention to your blog and doing that life stuff. Lets get you caught up. Where do I begin…

I guess 14 days ago is as good a start as any.

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We’ve gone on relaxing night walks around the neighborhood. I spy a puppy, do you?

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Spent some nights out at a local spot with people I like a lot and that make life happy.

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Showered this one in tons of birthday love. 34 looks good on you! We’ve spent alot of these last 14 days celebrating this guy too. He and I snuck away to Atlantic City for his actual birthday and it was nice to just spend a night away. We started with some outlet shopping, had a delicious dinner at the steakhouse in the hotel, lost some money on the blackjack table, then it was back to reality the next day.

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We also celebrated this little one’s 3rd birthday with a new rope and pig toy that she prompty chewed the squeaker out of in a matter of milliseconds.

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October has been pretty good to me this month. Fall, is well, not really fall, here in Maryland, it’s been in the 80s every day this week. Idecided to get some motivation back, and I decided to do a month of Crossfit with my neighbor Hanna. It’s been 2 days of intro classes but this is what I’ve concluded thus far, I have no upper body strength. I don’t see myself paying the $90 a month to do it on a regular basis but I do see myself really enjoying this change up in my workout routine.

Do you ever try Groupon’s for different workout experiences?

What kind of fall activities have you been doing lately?

With Halloween coming up, are you dressing up as anything fun? (aka I need ideas..easy ideas)


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