Hello there! Hope you had a wonderful fall weekend. Mother Nature finally decided to dump fall on us here in Maryland over the weekend with cooler temps but still plenty of sun. My favorite time of year because of the absolute gorgeous colors that start popping out everywhere.


Eating… We ate out all weekend because of parties here and there but I have this 3 packet pot roast that I’m sticking in the crockpot for tomorrow. My neighbor recently made it and told me it was a must try. Definitely looking forward to that. Also, since Halloween is a week away, I’m eating wayyyy too much candy. Whoops. Danny and I picked up Reeses & Take 5s at Walmart yesterday and don’t imagine they will live long enough to see Halloween.

Reminiscing… I’m not sure if I’ve ever really talked about my grandmother who lives in a nursing home about an hour away from my house. Yesterday morning I got in the car and headed up there like I usually do on Sundays. Recently her dementia has been progressing a little more noticeably. It’s very difficult for her to put full sentences together, and often times, she’s unsure who we are when we visit (I tend to believe she thinks I’m my mother from the way she talks). My mothers parents raised me and I have had an incredible bond with my grandmother my entire life, so yesterday on my way home, I found myself really missing the lucid woman who I used to watch BBT & laugh with endlessly. I’m very blessed to have such a special soul in my life, just kind of sad to see her memory slipping away sometimes. Okay, sad story over. Moving on…

Loving…Fall obviously! We attended a friend’s annual fall party over the weekend and it was nice to relax with friends and spend some time out in the sun sipping on a few of these:


Dreading…Well it’s Monday sooooooo…bring on the coffee

Working on… I recently started doing crossfit for a month long trial. So I’m working on becoming stronger because my lack of upper body strength is something to laugh at for sure.

Excited about…Halloween! We have a full weekend of festivities that is the only thing getting me through this week. I ordered the skeleton outfit from Tipsy Elves. I never go all out for Halloween, I’m in it for the candy so I went a comfy route this year.

Watching… Where do I begin…

Sunday: Football; Monday: BBT & Timeless; Tuesdays: This Is Us; Wednesday: Designated Survivor; Thursday: Greys. And Scandal binges everywhere in between. I’m obsessed. So basically I’ve got everyday covered. What can I say, I’m loving the fall lineup!

Reading… I’m in the middle of both Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst & It’s Not Okay by Andi Dorfman. Like them both so far!

Cover art Cover art

Listening to… Jason Aldean and Michael Buble’s new albums. Serenade me all day everyday please.

Hope you have a good start to your week today. As for me, I’m about to go make another cup of coffee.


5 thoughts on “Currently…

  1. Happy Monday- bring on the coffee for sure!!! I am obsessed with Fall as well and soaking up all the beautiful weekends until the snow falls 🙂 This is Us is one of my favorite new shows- it is SO good!! I have to check those two books out, I have heard good things about both. Hope you have a great week!


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  3. Looks like a beautiful fall in Maryland! I’m in the middle of Uninvited too, it’s a nice uplifting read. Hope you enjoy your Halloween!


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