Halloween Recap

Hey there! If you’re reading this I can assume you survived Halloween 2016. Congratulation! Now, if you’re anything like me, you’re hiding the sweets, kicking booty in the gym…at least til it’s time for Thanksgiving dinner 😉 right?

Here is a little recap of my Halloween this year…

I made this super cute and easy pumpkin wine “keg” from HGTV for a Halloween party we went to on Saturday. It was a hit!


We hung out with our neighbor, handing out candy to all the cuties in costumes. And let me say that I don’t think there was one kid who didn’t automatically say thank you & Happy Halloween after I gave them the candy. I was incredibly surprised by how polite these kids were. Props to the moms & dads out there that raised amazing kids!


As you can see I was prepared with my costume, candy, pup and a little extra treat for myself 🙂

How I’m feeling from all the candy and pizza I consumed last night:


And now, I’m going to go eat lettuce or something healthy…


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