Friday Favorites

Hey you! Yes, you. Can you believe it’s November already? It was almost a year ago that I started this blog and I’m sitting here like uhhhh where did the time go? Like every other Friday, I’m coming to you with a few of my favorites from the week. I’m sure I’m not the only one thats SO happy it’s Friday.


Halloween was obviously the star of the week. We dressed up, we handed out candy, I drank wine, and ate far too much candy and now my body is going through sugar withdrawl. If you missed my recap, check it out here.


Image result for cmas 50th

If you like country music, then I’m sure you watched the CMA Awards. And if you don’t like country music, then you likely watched the World Series. And if you don’t like country music or baseball, then hopefully you found something on TV to watch. Anywayyy, here are a few of my thoughts via the texts I was sending my friend throughout the show:

  • I already have chills watching the opening!
  • Dang Carrie, sing it girl. Stand by your mannnnnn. Also, her dress. Can I get married in that? …I’ll have to lose 50lbs first.
  • My mom would be loving Alabama right now (side note, I’ve liked country music fromt the womb, and I swear my mom had that in her plan)
  • Brb while I go bow down to Queen Reba
  • Dwight Yokum, SWOON
  • Randy Travis, I’m bawling. I’m crying. No, I’m crying hysterically.
  • The Olympic girls look so young
  • Kelsea tragically messed up on Peter Pan, yet again. Not as bad as when she did it with Nick Jonas, the trapeze act is worse. They act like we can’t see the black cords on the lit up blue backdrop. Her dress though…amazing
  • Carrie is gorg.
  • Brooks & Dunn and Jason Aldean. Dying and going to heaven
  • Dang Maren. You do you girl
  • When Garth grabbed Trisha’s face at the end of their performance. Heart is melted on the ground
  • Wondering why Beyonce was at the CMAs. (still confused by this one, but I’m sure it was political in some fashion)

Overall, it was a great show I thought. Garth definitely deserved to win Entertainer of the Year. Kacey Musgraves slays every time she walks out in public. And I loved all of Carrie’s 293482 outfit changes.


Image result for november goals

I put together a list of November goals, which is a first for me but I’m interested in coming back at the end of the month to see what I accomplished.

21 day fix cycle to prep for all the Thanksgiving food intake 😉

Across the Bridge 10k (this Sunday!)

Turkey Trot 5k 

Prep Christmas lists for family members

Clean out closets and donate to Goodwill 

Take the dogs on longer weekend hikes (with the evenings getting shorter, it’s hard to let them get energy out after work most nights during the week)

Blog purposefully at least 3x a week

Try a new recipe once a week (as much as I’m on Pinterest I really have no excuse)

Finish Uninvited & It’s Not Okay that I started reading about a month and a half ago (whoops)

Sign up for a half marathon in the spring

So we’ll see how this list goes. Maybe doing this will actually help me in accomplishing more things ha. One can hope 🙂

Hope you have an amazing weekend!

What are some of your November goals?


3 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I didn’t watch the CMA even though I love country music I don’t like awards shows but when I heard that Beyonce had make an appearance I thought it was a joke. Good luck with your November goals! I set out to try a new recipe each month at the beginning of the year, one a week is super admirable!

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  2. Ah Jess love these favorites! I have similar ones. I watched both the World Series and the CMAs. Love your texts haha I agree with most of them, CARRIE IS AMAZING in every way! I have a few of the same goals lately-make a Pinterest recipe a week, which I’ve been on a roll with. Plus I’m just about to finish Uninvited, which seems like half the bloggers I follow are reading, because its due back to the library tomorrow. Perfect kick in the butt lol. Have a great weekend!


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