Life Lately

Hey ya’ll! Happy Wednesday. While today, Facebook will be breaking with those pouring their negative thoughts and opinions in it, I’ll be here giving you a little bit of life lately.

The weather has been incredibly beautiful around here lately, and I’ve been taking FULL advantage of it. Here are some shots lately:


Penny and her boyfriend taking a romantic 5 mile stroll. My neighbor wife Hanna and I took the dogs to the NCR trail over the weekend because the weather was just too perfect not to. Plus with the shorter days, their walks get cut shorter and shorter during the week.

The rest of the afternoon, I spent relaxing and geating up for my 10k on Sunday morning. I carb loaded and watched Scandal all night (is anyone else obsessed with this show? I’m on Season 3! Why am I just now jumping on this train. It’s sooooo good)


This is my favorite pre-race meal, and I hardly ever eat pasta anymore. I doctor up jarred maranara with some crushed red pepper, salt, pepper and italian seasoning.


Then I was up bright and early to tackle the Chesapeake Bay Bridge 🙂

The Ravens even celebrated my run by beating the Steelers so it was a great end to the weekend.



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