Thanksgiving Favs

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Yes, I know it’s Wednesday and these posts typically fall on a Friday but I’m feeling wild today so go with it. I’m hopping on Jenn’s train today and coming to you today with a fun little quiz, questionnaire what have you about all of your thanksgiving favs. Read about mine here and then go check hers out. So fun!

Favorite Part of Thanksgiving Meal: 



Everything, seriously, I’m such a lover of food, so pile a little bit of everything on my plate. But I guess if I HAD to pick just one thing, it would be the stuffing…which is ironic now that I’ve gone gluten free. But one day won’t kill me right?

Favorite Side(s):

See above.I also love Green Bean Casserole & Sweet Potatoes but lately I’ve really gotten into Butternut Squash so I think I might make roasted brussel sprouts & butternut squash and take it to my Thanksgiving dinner.

Have You Hosted Before? 

Nope but I really really want to one day. I look forward to hosting one year once I’m married and start building a family. I’m such a family oriented person and that’s really what I look forward to most in my future.

Favorite Decor for Thanksgiving

I really don’t see a point in mussing and fussing over decor for your table, although knowing me I’ll go completely against that once I’m hosting. I thought these were really pretty though:

Image result for thanksgiving table scape


Image result for thanksgiving tablescape


Tree Up Before or After Thanksgiving (if you celebrate)?

After! I keep seeing everyone decorating for Christmas and I’m totally not there yet. I love Christmas and it’s my absolute favorite time of year but I love keeping all the fall decor up as much as possible and getting through Thanksgiving first. However, you’d better believe the day after means I’m up in the attic decking the entire house in Christmas cheer 🙂

Gravy or No Gravy?

Is this a serious question?! Gravy!!

Smooth or Chunky Cranberry Sauce?

Ocean Spray right out of a can! I love this stuff!

Pumpkin Pie or Another Kind?

Image result for cranberry meringue pie

I love Pumpkin Pie but last year we had a cranberry meringue pie and it was INCREDIBLE. I’m drawn to the sweet but tart desserts (aka I love all things lemon flavored) but this was the perfect mix for my taste buds.

Check out the recipe here

Biggest Thing You’re Thankful For This Year:

Disclaimer: I’m about to get really deep so if you’re not feeling the feelings today, stop reading. I’ve been thinking alot lately about where I am in life and the path that has gotten me here. I was at a viewing last night with some of my family and my uncle and I were chatting about where I am in life. I’ve gone through alot in my lifetime (losing my mom young, not having my father in my life), but I’m really thankful for the family that I do have. Blood or not blood. My mom’s brothers and their families were there for me growing up, and I’m lucky to have been raised by them & my grandparents. My friends are simply incredible and I would probably go insane without them (no, literally, and they know who they are). Danny & his family have taken me and accepted me into their family for the past 3 years with open arms. And last but not least, my fur children.

I’m 25, I’m a homeowner, and I have a pretty great life filled with extremely loving people who put up with my antics everyday. So yes, I’m thankful for all of them.


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