Thanksgiving Favs

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Yes, I know it’s Wednesday and these posts typically fall on a Friday but I’m feeling wild today so go with it. I’m hopping on Jenn’s train today and coming to you today with a fun little quiz, questionnaire what have you about all of your thanksgiving favs. Read about mine here and then go check hers out. So fun!

Favorite Part of Thanksgiving Meal: 



Everything, seriously, I’m such a lover of food, so pile a little bit of everything on my plate. But I guess if I HAD to pick just one thing, it would be the stuffing…which is ironic now that I’ve gone gluten free. But one day won’t kill me right?

Favorite Side(s):

See above.I also love Green Bean Casserole & Sweet Potatoes but lately I’ve really gotten into Butternut Squash so I think I might make roasted brussel sprouts & butternut squash and take it to my Thanksgiving dinner.

Have You Hosted Before? 

Nope but I really really want to one day. I look forward to hosting one year once I’m married and start building a family. I’m such a family oriented person and that’s really what I look forward to most in my future.

Favorite Decor for Thanksgiving

I really don’t see a point in mussing and fussing over decor for your table, although knowing me I’ll go completely against that once I’m hosting. I thought these were really pretty though:

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Tree Up Before or After Thanksgiving (if you celebrate)?

After! I keep seeing everyone decorating for Christmas and I’m totally not there yet. I love Christmas and it’s my absolute favorite time of year but I love keeping all the fall decor up as much as possible and getting through Thanksgiving first. However, you’d better believe the day after means I’m up in the attic decking the entire house in Christmas cheer 🙂

Gravy or No Gravy?

Is this a serious question?! Gravy!!

Smooth or Chunky Cranberry Sauce?

Ocean Spray right out of a can! I love this stuff!

Pumpkin Pie or Another Kind?

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I love Pumpkin Pie but last year we had a cranberry meringue pie and it was INCREDIBLE. I’m drawn to the sweet but tart desserts (aka I love all things lemon flavored) but this was the perfect mix for my taste buds.

Check out the recipe here

Biggest Thing You’re Thankful For This Year:

Disclaimer: I’m about to get really deep so if you’re not feeling the feelings today, stop reading. I’ve been thinking alot lately about where I am in life and the path that has gotten me here. I was at a viewing last night with some of my family and my uncle and I were chatting about where I am in life. I’ve gone through alot in my lifetime (losing my mom young, not having my father in my life), but I’m really thankful for the family that I do have. Blood or not blood. My mom’s brothers and their families were there for me growing up, and I’m lucky to have been raised by them & my grandparents. My friends are simply incredible and I would probably go insane without them (no, literally, and they know who they are). Danny & his family have taken me and accepted me into their family for the past 3 years with open arms. And last but not least, my fur children.

I’m 25, I’m a homeowner, and I have a pretty great life filled with extremely loving people who put up with my antics everyday. So yes, I’m thankful for all of them.


Life Lately

Hey ya’ll! Happy Wednesday. While today, Facebook will be breaking with those pouring their negative thoughts and opinions in it, I’ll be here giving you a little bit of life lately.

The weather has been incredibly beautiful around here lately, and I’ve been taking FULL advantage of it. Here are some shots lately:


Penny and her boyfriend taking a romantic 5 mile stroll. My neighbor wife Hanna and I took the dogs to the NCR trail over the weekend because the weather was just too perfect not to. Plus with the shorter days, their walks get cut shorter and shorter during the week.

The rest of the afternoon, I spent relaxing and geating up for my 10k on Sunday morning. I carb loaded and watched Scandal all night (is anyone else obsessed with this show? I’m on Season 3! Why am I just now jumping on this train. It’s sooooo good)


This is my favorite pre-race meal, and I hardly ever eat pasta anymore. I doctor up jarred maranara with some crushed red pepper, salt, pepper and italian seasoning.


Then I was up bright and early to tackle the Chesapeake Bay Bridge 🙂

The Ravens even celebrated my run by beating the Steelers so it was a great end to the weekend.



Friday Favorites

Hey you! Yes, you. Can you believe it’s November already? It was almost a year ago that I started this blog and I’m sitting here like uhhhh where did the time go? Like every other Friday, I’m coming to you with a few of my favorites from the week. I’m sure I’m not the only one thats SO happy it’s Friday.


Halloween was obviously the star of the week. We dressed up, we handed out candy, I drank wine, and ate far too much candy and now my body is going through sugar withdrawl. If you missed my recap, check it out here.


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If you like country music, then I’m sure you watched the CMA Awards. And if you don’t like country music, then you likely watched the World Series. And if you don’t like country music or baseball, then hopefully you found something on TV to watch. Anywayyy, here are a few of my thoughts via the texts I was sending my friend throughout the show:

  • I already have chills watching the opening!
  • Dang Carrie, sing it girl. Stand by your mannnnnn. Also, her dress. Can I get married in that? …I’ll have to lose 50lbs first.
  • My mom would be loving Alabama right now (side note, I’ve liked country music fromt the womb, and I swear my mom had that in her plan)
  • Brb while I go bow down to Queen Reba
  • Dwight Yokum, SWOON
  • Randy Travis, I’m bawling. I’m crying. No, I’m crying hysterically.
  • The Olympic girls look so young
  • Kelsea tragically messed up on Peter Pan, yet again. Not as bad as when she did it with Nick Jonas, the trapeze act is worse. They act like we can’t see the black cords on the lit up blue backdrop. Her dress though…amazing
  • Carrie is gorg.
  • Brooks & Dunn and Jason Aldean. Dying and going to heaven
  • Dang Maren. You do you girl
  • When Garth grabbed Trisha’s face at the end of their performance. Heart is melted on the ground
  • Wondering why Beyonce was at the CMAs. (still confused by this one, but I’m sure it was political in some fashion)

Overall, it was a great show I thought. Garth definitely deserved to win Entertainer of the Year. Kacey Musgraves slays every time she walks out in public. And I loved all of Carrie’s 293482 outfit changes.


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I put together a list of November goals, which is a first for me but I’m interested in coming back at the end of the month to see what I accomplished.

21 day fix cycle to prep for all the Thanksgiving food intake 😉

Across the Bridge 10k (this Sunday!)

Turkey Trot 5k 

Prep Christmas lists for family members

Clean out closets and donate to Goodwill 

Take the dogs on longer weekend hikes (with the evenings getting shorter, it’s hard to let them get energy out after work most nights during the week)

Blog purposefully at least 3x a week

Try a new recipe once a week (as much as I’m on Pinterest I really have no excuse)

Finish Uninvited & It’s Not Okay that I started reading about a month and a half ago (whoops)

Sign up for a half marathon in the spring

So we’ll see how this list goes. Maybe doing this will actually help me in accomplishing more things ha. One can hope 🙂

Hope you have an amazing weekend!

What are some of your November goals?


Halloween Recap

Hey there! If you’re reading this I can assume you survived Halloween 2016. Congratulation! Now, if you’re anything like me, you’re hiding the sweets, kicking booty in the gym…at least til it’s time for Thanksgiving dinner 😉 right?

Here is a little recap of my Halloween this year…

I made this super cute and easy pumpkin wine “keg” from HGTV for a Halloween party we went to on Saturday. It was a hit!


We hung out with our neighbor, handing out candy to all the cuties in costumes. And let me say that I don’t think there was one kid who didn’t automatically say thank you & Happy Halloween after I gave them the candy. I was incredibly surprised by how polite these kids were. Props to the moms & dads out there that raised amazing kids!


As you can see I was prepared with my costume, candy, pup and a little extra treat for myself 🙂

How I’m feeling from all the candy and pizza I consumed last night:


And now, I’m going to go eat lettuce or something healthy…


Happy Halloween!

It’s nearly impossible to get this one to dress up but it was fun heading to a friend’s party over the weekend. This is the first year being around on Halloween to hand out candy in the new house so I’m excited to see all the cute kids trick-or-treating. Hope you all have a fun & safe evening.



Thoughts on a Thursday


It’s been a while since I posted a thoughts post so I figured it was about time. If you’re new around here this post is typically filled with random thoughts, “confessions” and other posts I feel like would be beneficial in your life. So here we go:

  • First thought..see above. 
  • Who else is excited for the Gilmore Girls EVENT in less than a month. As a typical chick who was born in the early 90s…I’m THRILLED. I love love loved this show and cannot wait to see how they carried on the story that they so rudely left us hanging with. I mean cmon…please tell me Luke and Lorelei are married (have I mentioned I would name my first born after her).
  • I’m totally a skeptic to this “It Works” thing. I just don’t get it and if someone is willing to explain it to me, then go ahead. Til then I’m probably going to think you’re crazy for thinking a wrap is a healthy way to lose weight #sorrynotsorry
  • If you haven’t listened to Jason Aldean’s new album, I’m not sure what you’re waiting for.
  • Cleaning is completely a “I gotta be in the mood for it” and then my house is all of a sudden deep cleaned. Props to those who can literally keep to their “cleaning schedule”. I can’t and if you come to my house, you won’t see things squeeky clean. I’m in no way dirty but I just don’t think you should spend every second of your free time cleaning. Once a week good clean-up, and a vaccum throughout the week is good enough for me.
  • This drink looks like everything to me. It looks especially like diabetes in a glass. But I’ll risk it I think and try it
  • I got a little more excited than I should have I think when I saw the HGTV video on Facebook yesterday for “Hallo-Wine”. And yes I’m making it for a party tomorrow. All you do is hollow out a pumpkin, carve a spout hole, and shove a bag of wine in that bad boy. I’ll post pics on Monday!
  • It freaks me out that I keep hearing about “Ya gotta start your Christmas shopping”…please let me get through Halloween. Give it a rest people
  • If you’re like me, keeping your energy levels up throughout the workday without 239472378 cups of coffee seems near to impossible somedays. This blog post was super interesting to me and gives you tons of great ideas of what to snack on throughout the day to keep you a little more perky and ready for that workout after you get off.


3 Packets of Delish

Hi! So today I would typically post my “What’s Up Wednesday” with Shay, Mel & Sheaffer buuuuut I did that on Monday so check that out if you missed it! What’s been up since Monday? Not a whole lot! Getting ready for Halloween this weekend and making the most amaaaazzingggg roast in the crockpot yesterday…so that’s what I’m throwing at you today (because in all seriousness it could not have been easier and I’m willing to bet you have all of the ingredients in your pantry/fridge).

3 Packet Crack Roast

(okay it’s not really called that but I’m calling it that)


What you need:

1 3-5lb chuck roast

1 packet of ranch seasoning (I use Hidden Valley)

1 packet Italian dressing mix (Good Seasons)

1 packet Brown Gravy mix

1 cup of water

1.5 cups baby carrots

3 medium potatoes

1 green pepper (1 inch pieces)

1/2 medium onion (1 inch pieces)


  1. Chop your veggies (except the baby carrots) and put them in the bottom of a crockpot.
  2. Place the chuck roast on top of all the veggies.
  3. Mix all 3 packets with 1 cup of water and pour over meat and veggies.
  4. Cook on low for 8 hours.

Note: If I was home during the cooking time, I would have flipped the roast over halfway through the process but it’s not necessary. 

I’m not joking though, this was SO tender and delicious, I see myself making this all the time in the future. If you try it, let me know what you think!